Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 Review

Welcome to my Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 Review. You have no doubt seen an online promotion, advertising this product or like me, perhaps you simply stumbled upon it and were intrigued as to what it was all about. I have been working online for many years now and have seen many scams come and go. But I am always interested when someone says they have a method that allows you to make money online, using a “secret” traffic source. And here we have a prime example of just that! Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 claims to be able to show you how to make money online via affiliate marketing. It claims that the method involves using a secret traffic source to make sales, but does not require you to own a website, do any sort of SEO, write articles, do any social media marketing, YouTube video’s, in fact none of the usual stuff! So what is Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0? I needed to investigate!

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 Review – The Official Site

So I found this product on the “official site”, if you can call it that. The site is called Source Digest Blog (dot com) and Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 is their top recommendation. There is no wonder that this product is their no.1 choice as it was created by the owner of the site, who goes by the name of “Nate”.

My first impressions of this website were not great to be honest. The website is extremely basic, with the majority of the site simply made up of text on a dark black background. On saying that, there are what appears to be a lot of product reviews on the site and the text appears to have been written by a human and not produced by some auto-blogging software. However, I did get a little suspicious when I started looking through the reviews and realized that none of them actually have any specific information about the topic or product that they were supposed to be about.

All of the reviews that I looked at within the “Source Digest Blog” all pointed to the no.1 recommendation. Nothing wrong with that, lots of sites give recommendations to really good quality products, if it will help the reader. We do the same thing here on our site.

However, on visiting the Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 sales page I began to get a little bit suspicious again! There is no attempt here to make the sales page look fancy in any way. Sometimes this is a good thing, but here it just gave me the impression that the creator of this website couldn’t really be bothered. But I was still intrigued as to what Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 was all about and what the secret traffic source really was. On reading through the comments within the sales page I started to notice a pattern. There were several comments that sounded very similar and had the same kind of wording. Looking at this site made me more suspicious the further I went.

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 Review – Here are the results of my findings!

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 creator Nate - Just a stock image!The official sales site had me feeling a little suspicious as I said so I decided to do a bit of research with what I could find on the site. Firstly, the image of the creator “Nate” is a fake image. Well, the image is actually just a stock image photo. To be completely honest, this practice isn’t unusual. Some people don’t like to use their own photo on the web and so opt for using a stock image.

However… Some of the images seen on this website have also been taken from other sources too. This doesn’t fill me with confidence, but never the less we will take a look at the product itself and discover the secret traffic source!

Stock images of Nate!

What Is Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0? – What Is The Traffic Source?

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 is simply an eBook. Priced at $14.92, this makes quite a tempting download for anyone wanting a quick way to make money online. So what’s inside, and what’s the big secret? Well the eBook starts with some really very standard information on setting up affiliate accounts with the likes of Clickbank. Standard stuff, but I guess it has to be included for anyone that is just starting out. Moving on, we learn that the big traffic secret is actually using question and answer sites, like Quora to drive traffic.

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 – How It Works

The idea is that you visit certain websites where people are looking for the answers to questions. On answering the question you give a link for further information and drive that person to an affiliate link. Most people are familiar with Yahoo Answers. But not so many people are aware of the fact that there are actually lots more question and answer sites on the web. The idea of driving traffic from these sites is not new. In fact there are lots and lots of people on these sites every day, trying to do just the same thing. To a certain degree, this system does work, however there is a slight drawback.

Although you are told that you wouldn’t need to write any articles or own a website in order to make this system work, you do still need to produce landing pages! You see, these question and answer sites do not allow affiliate links. The way that Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 gets around this is by telling you to create landing pages, created in the free “blogger” blogging platform.

Is Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 a scam?

So, is Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 a scam? Well, in actual fact this system is not a scam. The way that the official site looks and is put together is not great to say the least. The comments on this site are without a doubt completely fake. The image of the creator as we said is also not the true identity of the person that created this site. Even the image of the check within the comments was taken from somewhere else.

Picture of a check taken from another site!

Image claiming to prove that this system works. Actually it was taken from YouTube!

Original image on Youtube!

Original source of the image, as seen on Youtube!

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 Review – Conclusion

In my opinion, I would not recommend this product. The methods in this eBook may get you the odd sale here and there, it is possible and that’s why I cannot call this a scam. However, these methods will be rather hit and miss to say the least. With a growing amount of people trying to drive traffic from the Q&A sites it’s highly likely that results this method will not last for long, if at all. And because you are having to create landing pages within Blogger, you also run the risk of being labelled a spammer and getting your account banned.

My conclusion is that you should probably stay away from this dodgy site! It’s been put together with the sole purpose of generating sales. Although not completely a scam, there are far better ways to start learning to make money online.

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