Blog Defender 2018 Review

Blog Defender 2018 Review

Check out My Blog Defender 2018 Review to Know How This WordPress Security System Works to Protect Your Site from Hackers

Before I go about Blog Defender 2018 Review,  you need to know about WordPress security related issues and why you need this system to safeguard your websites from hackers.

WordPress is the most popular CMS at the moment, and therefore also a popular target for hackers and spammers. This does not mean that WordPress is unsafe. Because so many people use WordPress, it is logical that there is a huge amount of attention for WordPress, also from the hacker’s world.

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In addition, WordPress is extremely accessible; almost everyone can easily set up a website with WordPress. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do that in the right way . According to experts’ estimates, about 70 percent of all WordPress installations are therefore vulnerable.  So, here comes to your rescue is the Blog Defender 2018, which is a collection of premium plugins that helps you quickly lock down your WordPress website and protects you from ninety nine percent hacks, so please continue to read this full Blog Defender 2018 Review, you will get a clear idea.

Why would they hack my website?

I only have a few visitors a day. “Why would they hack your website if you only have a few visitors a day? This is a question that customers often ask me. However, most hackers are not looking for websites with a lot of traffic. They use your website to email SPAM through your server, which makes no difference whether your website has a lot or little traffic.

This is a good reason to properly secure your WordPress website. If SPAM is sent from your server, it may be that (for example) Google puts the IP address of your server on a “blacklist”. As a result, your “normal” newsletters and / or e-mails will also end up in the SPAM box. The idea that your website will not be hacked because you have a small-scale website is incorrect.

This is the reason you need to get Blog Defender 2018.  You also get more than 22 easy to follow and step-by-step video tutorials. In this Blog Defender 2018 Review, showing you exactly how to do everything from checking your plugins and themes, to automate remote backups and even how to clean your blog if it has been infected by some nasty thing.

To Protect WordPress Site : what can I do against hackers?

We now know how most hacks come about. But how do we ensure that this does not happen on our WordPress website (s)? In this article I put a number of useful tips at a glance. Most techniques are easy to implement, but they make a world of difference. It will probably not take you more than an hour to apply these techniques to your website.

While installing WordPress you can do a lot to prevent your WordPress website from becoming vulnerable to hackers. For example, you choose a username for the Admin user (the administrator with all rights) during installation. By default, this username is “admin”. Hackers also know this, and no less than 60 percent of WordPress websites have a user called “admin”. They then have your username, and only have to guess your password! Make sure your username is not “admin”!

You also choose a strong password during the installation. A strong password contains not only letters, but also numbers and special characters.

Limit login attempts to secure yourself from trying to login to your WordPress site from a remote location by hackers so that it gets locked after two or three attempts.

The guys behind Blog Defender 2018 have over 10 years of experience in managing hundreds of high traffic websites, sites that are often attacked, but no longer hacked after using their secret system. I hope in this Blog Defender 2018 Review I have explained enough to know the important of protecting your blogs from hackers to now to loose your hard work in just one day due to their ruthless attack.

Initial product of Blog Defender 2018  It is the actual security system and training to protect your sites

Up-sell 1 of Blog Defender 2018 is Cloud Defender Pro which comes with full developer rights

Up-sell 2 of Blog Defender 2018 is Wp Tool Kit Developer Limited Edition- It is a collection of premium WP Theme and Plugin Bundle


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I hope you enjoyed this Blog Defender 2018 review as much as I have pleasure in presenting the same to help you achieve success.

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