Profit7 MEGA Bonus and Full Review

Profit7 review

This new course by Super Affiliates Paul Nicholls & Trevor Carr is called Profit7 and will be released on Dec. 22nd 10AM EST.

The name of this course is very appropriate because inside he shows you 7 extremely profitable methods that he’s actually used to make money online with and how YOU can execute them to make money too.

Now many of you know Paul and know that he has a reputation for putting out great products and only teaching things that he actually uses in his business to make money, this course is no different.

Paul has been earning an income online for over a decade now (which means he’s a dinosaur in internet years).

These 7 money getting techniques are brilliant and some of the most actionable that I’ve personally ever seen.

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Main Course ($7.95) – is made of 7 different underground money getting strategies that have been battle-tested by super affiliate Paul Nicholls

Upgrade 1 ($17) – is an Advanced Training Course that will help you take the fast cash strategies that you are shown in the main course and turn these into anywhere from $100-$500 profit days…everyday.

Upgrade 2 ($27) – In this upgrade Paul & Trevor combine 2 courses to make one MEGA course that shows you how they’ve been able to consistently dominate leaderboards and make killer commissions. They’re going to take you behind the scenes and teach you the best of the best strategies and tactics that they’ve learned over the last 12 months.

Upgrade 3 ($67) – In this upgrade you’ll get Paul & Trevor’s flagship product Affiliate Mastery which sold for $497, and they’re also throwing in Affiliate Mastery 2.0 with it! The Affiliate Mastery training courses are full webinar replays, providing several hours of extremely high quality, VIP coaching.

Upgrade 4 – Yet to be announced!

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Review of Profit 7

Fast Cash Method 1 – The Underground Profit Method

In this video Paul showcases what has by far been my most favorite and profitable method of making money online. Niche sites. I know for a fact that Paul has had a lot of success with niche sites in the past and has turned around and sold them for some very nice money. You can do the same. Paul shows two VERY profitable ways to to use this method, goes through a few niche examples and explains everything in total detail, this video is very lengthy and detailed.

Fast Cash Method 2 – The Under the Radar Method

In this training Paul takes you over his shoulder and shows you method #2 for earning cash completely under the radar. This method allows you to stay completely behind the scenes. This method involves finding new products that are being launched and then using Pauls unique system of earning commissions off of making reviews from these products. It’s worth noting that Paul does thing’s a lot different then your average affiliate which is what allow him to earn much more money from sending less traffic than other affiliates. He is definitely someone you should be learning from.

Fast Cash Method 3 – The Snowball Method

In this training Paul shows a simple step-by-step system of how to take a free source of traffic and setup a really simple mini funnel of sorts that you can profit from. The cool thing is the way that Paul teaches this it will continue to grow and grow over time or “snowball” hence the name.

Fast Cash Method 4 – The Affiliate Sniper Method

This is such a smart method that Paul is teaching here. Everyone in the market place is going after a certain type of keywords and while they are profitable, they are also saturated. Here Paul teaches you a very clever way to find keywords with much lower competition but at the same time are extremely profitable!

Fast Cash Method 5 – The Out of the Box Method

This is definitely a “thinking out of the box” kind of method as Paul describes it. Paul shows some really quick & dirty trips to drive traffic to your offers via Youtube (without making videos!) This is a great strategy that I’ve never thought of doing. Anyone can do this to start driving traffic to their blogs or affiliate offers. Brilliant!

Fast Cash Method 6 – The Teaser Method

In this training Paul shows a very clever way to leverage content that people really want and how to make money by giving it to them =). Win/Win

Fast Cash Method 7 – The Domination Method

In this method Paul showcases what is probably my favorite video of the entire course and it’s all about building authority sites. Paul outlines exactly what you’ll need to build up one of these authority sites and shows you everything that you are going to need to actually make it work. I’m actually doing this going forward and have been building up my own authority site for over a year now and I can tell you first hand that it’s extremely profitable and VERY hands off once you get off the ground.

My Summary

Every product that Paul Nicholls and Trevor Carr put out is very high quality and this one is no different. This product is a total steal at $7.95 and I honestly can’t believe they’re releasing it at such a cheap price.

I really like how they have 7 completely different money getting strategies laid-out in this course so you have many different options to choose from. If you don’t like one method you simply choose another, you get to pick the method that fits you and your style best.

The member’s area is laid out nicely and makes it very easy to navigate through the different strategies. This makes it easy to come back to the money-getting strategies you are planning to implement so that you can watch/listen to the videos while you’re taking action.

If you’re an introvert like me, Paul shows you methods that you can use to make money and stay 100% behind the scenes (I love these).

Some things I felt that were lacking in this course were some more step-by-step directions into some of the actual money getting strategies.

In the firs fast cash video for example Paul shows how to make money with niche sites and although he gives a general outline of how they should be built and some different things to look for, he doesn’t actually show you how to setup a niche site live. Which is very important. He also mentions backlinking very briefly at the end which can be the single most important step to getting your niche site ranked but he doesn’t show you how to do it.

In another video he shows how you can make quick cash from making Youtube videos and promoting products, but he doesn’t show you how to rank optimize and rank these videos on Google and Youtube once you have them made.

However, with my mega bonus package I have created extra training for you which explains in detail all the parts that Paul left out. I have created a very meaty and actionable “Backlink Blueprint” video where I show you step-by-step the exact backlinks you need to use to rank your niche sites high on Google and exactly how to implement the strategy. I’m an SEO by trade and I’ve ranked 100’s of web properties over the years and in this training you’ll see the exact backlinking strategy that I use to get my sites to the top of google and get loads of traffic.

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Bonus 1 – In this bonus I’m going to be giving you what I feel is the ‘missing link’ to Paul’s strategy to making money with niche sites. It’s a video training where I show you my complete ‘Backlink Blueprint’ – Paul doesn’t cover how to backlink your sites but in this bonus I’ve got you covered.

Bonus 2 – In this video training I show you all the steps from optimizing your video prior to uploading it and then the whole process of doing on page video SEO to gain higher rankings. I also show you some ninja strategies that will make sure you outrank your competition like clockwork.

Bonus 3 – Get your hands on my Outsourcer Rolodex in this bonus! Over the last 3 years I have strategically compiled a list of gigs, services and people that I use to outsource 90% of my business with complete confidence. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am or have made anywhere near as much money as I have if it weren’t for the resources and people contained in this list. Priceless!

Bonus 4 – In this advanced training I’m going to show you how you can ‘test a niche’ for free before entering it. This is extremely important and will show you within 24 hours if a niche is worth entering a just how profitable it will really be.

Bonus 5 – Get my #1 Fast Cash secret that I’ve been using for over 3 years to generate $200-300/pop every single time I use this simple technique. Very easy and very scalable, you can easily use this method to make over $1k+ per month with VERY little effort.

Note: ONLY 50 Holiday MEGA Bonus Bundles Available (No Exceptions!)

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5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review

5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review – viral list building software that generates leads and commissions on auto-pilot

In this 5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review, you will learn how smart this system is and why you need to go for it. 5 Figure Day is a smart software ,this is one of the best viral lead generating I have ever seen. The creator behind this software is Bryan Winters.

Bryan is known for his high quality products on list building and bringing out lot of leads and commissions through viral technology.

The present system is a completely revamped version of original 5 Figure Day software and lead system. The ideas behind this software is to give away the system free to others and build list in doing so.

Once the people start to join your list they will be added to your list at the same time while they will be building their own list. You can immediate see the the landing page you get once you purchase through the link below.

5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review

5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review

What is 5 figure day System?

5 Figure Day System is a viral list building software that legally auto forwards other people’s leads by the way of their custom made landing page. The creator Bryan has got so many leads of it, to say around 20000 leads and huge amount of commissions from the offers the software promoting behind the scenes.It is pertinent to mention that his students have generated way more leads and commissions than the creator by using the system. I highly rate this system in this 5 figure day full throttle review because of its tremendous potential.

What you will get with the front end of the software is five viral list building funnels hosted on their servers each having auto forwarding software running in the back end.

The set up of the system is very easy, it takes a few minutes and you are ready to get leads and commissions on auto-pilot even while you are on vacation. It gets signups in an ethical and legal so you need not have any second thoughts.

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OTO1 5FD Fast and Furious – Users will get additional leads on auto-pilot and increases their income potential.OTO3 – Instant high ticket backend offer to promote using the auto webinar system that pays $500 plus commission.

OTO2 5FD Nitro Funnels – It provides a software that can be used to create unlimited viral 5FD funnels complete with their own sqeeze pages, builtin products with commission auto forwarding script.

OTO3 Commission Supercharger – The user will be able to add a high ticket backend in the form of auto webinars that pays up to $500 commissions.

OTO4 Autopilot Traffic Engine – Automatic traffic is delivered during life of the 5figure day membership, so need to worry about getting traffic to the funnels.OTO5 – Six additional income streams.

OTO5 100K Winner Circle – It comes with six additional income streams fully upgraded access to their 6 best selling income systems.


I hope this 5 figure day full throttle review is useful in making a good decision towards your internet marketing career. To conclude, I highly recommend this product.

If you want to concentrate on only one thing without any distractions, that is this system. To go for it or not it is up to you.

BONUS #1: Easy Pi – Value $197

This unique crash course will show you how to get up and running with affiliate marketing. Perfect for newbies. No stone is left unturned. Watch over the shoulder as you learn everything there is to know about becoming a well-known and respected affiliate marketer.

BONUS #2: Email Marketing Specialist – Value $197

Get access to my exclusive email marketing course. How to increase open & click rates rapidly. This is a very digestible course for new internet marketers to follow to understand the basics of email marketing.

BONUS #3: Broadcast Marketing– Value $197

A real-life $4000-dollar case study where you watch a full-time teacher go from a total online newbie to generating over $4000 in 5 days. Bare-knuckle marketing is a real life true story showing how anyone can go from ZERO to HERO just b following the steps laid out in the training

BONUS #4: Pinnacle

How to build an email list in any niche using Facebook ads and make up to $125 per day in the process.

BONUS #5: Traffic Problem Solved

How to get unlimited free and paid traffic from Facebook in any niche.

BONUS #6: Quick Affiliate Sniper

How to rank your videos on the first page of YouTube and Google in any niche.

Bonus #7: Snowball Traffic

Learn how I built my Facebook group from scratch and made over $9,000 in just 30 days with free traffic from the group.

Bonus #7: xPress Funnels

Build Ecom Funnels without shopify or Amazon and without expensive store builders, beautiful drag and drop builder and step by step training included. Integrated with paypal for receiving instanat payment.

Bonus #8: WP Tube Maximiser

You can insert a YouTube Video into any page or post and you can also add the custom content into the video.

Bonus #9: Creating Authority Content

Bonus #10: Influencer Marketing

Bonus #11: Youtube Authority Video Modules

Leads2List Review

The Most Incisive Leads2List Review

All of you probably are hearing about the latest tool on the internet that will get you all the leads while you just sit back and relax. In this Leads2List review, I am going to show you how important is this tool in your internet marketing business. The claims say that you don’t have to get your prospects to fill in forms. You don’t have to get them to fill their e-mail ids. But you still get all those leads. The makers of the tool even claim that you don’t have to know any coding to use this. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

We are talking about Leads2List which is the latest tool to get all your leads to your autoresponder for use in e-mail marketing. While taking their claims with a pinch of salt let me do the Leads2List review that will be helpful to all digital marketers.

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Leads2List Review

Leads2List Review

What is Leads2List?

Leads2List is a SAAS that is promising to get you all the leads from Facebook without violating any laws. It is compatible with the GDPR. Facebook has the e-mail addresses of all its subscribers. These e-mail ids are all verified. That means you get genuine contact details like e-mail id or mobile numbers. And it is very easy.

Nobody gives their e-mail ids to anyone as they are fed up with so many emails in their inbox. Using this tool, your prospects won’t have to fill up any details nor do they have to type their e-mail addresses. All they need to do is one click, and the leads keep coming into your auto-responder. Incredible, but true, and I am going to tell you how it works.

Leads2List Demo

Who Can Use Leads2List?

If I didn’t tell in this Leads2List Review who can benefit from this, there is no use to anyone. This tool is very useful for people who are in digital marketing. Products sellers can use this for e-mail id where they can send their product brochures. E-commerce sellers can use this to get an e-mail id to whom they can continue to sell to the customers many products. E-mail marketers are certainly benefitted by this. Once you have got this tool you are going to continue to get leads as you relax.

How Does It Work?

It is simple to use. Create a Facebook Leadgen Ad. Connect the Leads2List to the ad. Every time a prospect clicks on the ad, the details will flow to your autoresponder. You can select which Facebook page to promote to Leads2List. Connect your autoresponders to the Leads2List. Select which Facebook Ad goes to which autoresponder. You can see the leads coming into your autoresponder. You can also set up a welcome mail to be sent.

With such a good product you don’t need any other motivation to purchase it. However, the tool comes with four one-time-offers. You get the Leads2List Pro at $47, the Leads2List Agency at $67, the Leads2List Marketing Training at $27 and the Leads2List List Janitor Pro at $47.

What are Leads2List upgrades and how they help you in running even more successful email marketing campaigns

Upgrade 1 of Leads2List It is called leasd2list pro and it gets leads from LinkedIn also in addition to Facebook, you can even get leads to multiple lists and from multiple facebook page.

Upgrade 2 of Leads2List It is an Agency licence, with this you can sell account on Leads2List for a one-time fee or a recurring fee without even running any facebook ad. So it gives more advantage in making more money than you normally do in promoting affiliate products.

Upgrade 3 of Leads2List This is a powerful lead generation and marketing training which increases your potential to utilise the list to the maximum extent.

Upgrade 4 of Leads2List It is called List Janitor Pro and helps you maintain your list effectively by cleaning your list and managing it thus makes things easy for you.

The Final Words

After reading this Leads2List review I am sure you are ready to grab your offer package right now before they close the offer forever. This is certainly a product that is very helpful for any e-mail marketer or digital marketer to get effective leads without much effort on your part.

Exclusive Bonus Package:

  1. Down and Dirty List Building by Lee
  2. Breakfast Embed
  3. CPA Rebirth

Animaytor Review – Animated explainer product videos in MINUTES

Animaytor Review – Animated explainer product videos in MINUTES



Using videos animation is a clever way to send information regarding products to users which many marketers around the world are now in favor of. It is proved that using marketing through videos can get high-level engagement of audiences so that’s the reason why many people choose animation videos.

Hence, knowing how to make a video animation is essential for our business. If you can create a video all by yourself, you don’t need to pay a huge amount of money for hiring a designer each month. All the content inside will depend entirely on your decision and there is no need to worry about lack of information in the video. It’s great, isn’t it?

I guess many people think about creating animation videos but they still delay in making ideas, tools, and training steps because they are lack of proper skills. If you have the same problem, today I want to introduce you a brand new tool which is able to help you make a video from start to finish – Animaytor!

It is my greatest assistant in making animation videos. Do you want to know more information about this amazing powerful animation video studio? Let’s check out my Animaytor review.

Animaytor Overview

Created by Brett Ingram et al
Product Animaytor
Release Date June 03rd, 2019
Release Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $47- $67
Official Website CLICK HERE
Niche Software & Tools

What is Animaytor?

Animaytor Review

Animaytor is a “game-changing” software for animated videos on demand. This tool provides innovative drag-and-drop technology for you to create animation videos in minutes with ZERO skills.

The Publisher of Animaytor

If you usually keep track of the ZVZoo launches, this name must be very familiar to you.
Brett Ingram is a hard-working marketer who has wide experience in this field. He has launched many products on JVZoo such as Project Y and Profit Crusher. Animaytor is the product he’s very proud of after two years doing research. I believe this one will conquer the market soon.

Animaytor Features & Benefits

– Stunning ready-made templates

These templates are brought in finished form and available to use immediately. Do you want to finish your video in no time? No problems, these templates are here to help.

– Click-and-drag technology
You are able to click and drag any element you want into the slides.

– Adjust timing effect
If you want your text or animation appears longer, you can easily set the time they appear in slides. One minute or thirty-seconds, all depend on you.

– Add videos or images
You can choose the available ones inside the tool or upload your own videos/images.

– Modify texts at ease
It allows you to change the font, size, highlighting, effect of the text and MUCH MORE.

– Fully customizable
There are two options for you: create a brand new animated video from scratch or use the templates available. An empty slide is provided for you to edit by your own.

– Tons of characters, animations, callouts, effects, graphics, overlays available
You can choose any characters, animations,… that you prefer to appear in your slides. Plus, it allows you to resize and put them in any place you want.

– Amazing sound effects
There is a lot of background music for you to choose from. Plus, it also comes with different voices and languages.

Who should use Animaytor?

This product is 100% newbie-friendly and even a 14 years old children can easily use Animaytor. However, this software will be very useful for:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Video Content Creators
  • Product owners
  • Product promoters
  • Page creators
  • Campaign marketers

Who does Animaytor work?

Animaytor is extremely easy for you to create your animation videos. You just need to follow these simple steps below:

– Step 1: Go to the dashboard and start creating the slides.
– Step 2: Edit your slides.
You are able to choose and modify the themes, backgrounds, text, images, sounds, videos, images and much more.
– Step 3: Click produce and wait to see the results.

Animaytor Review – Prices & Upsells

Unlike other costly product, you can buy front-end Animaytor with $47 with one-time payment. I highly recommend that you should not miss this golden chance since this is the deal you can’t give up. The value of Animaytor goes totally over the low price the vendor asking for.


User Experience and Last Thought

This is a one-of-a-kind software I have ever seen. It is designed for various levels so users don’t need to have any basic technical skills to create videos, the only thing needed is an imaginative idea and nothing else.

Animaytor shows us the best way to make the best quality videos at the most suitable cost as well as get more sales, leads, and buyers. You are able to create powerful viral animated videos for your marketing or business work in no time. All you need to do is to click and publish and it is ready to go.

You finally reach the bottom line of my review! Many thanks and best regards for reading this article. I think Animaytor will be very helpful for your work so if you want to make an animation video, give it a try! Stay tuned for my next review! Goodbye.

Emoji Traffic Review

Emoji Traffic Review

Revealed in This Emoji Traffic Review Can This Product Generate The FREE Targeted Traffic Your Business Need?

Emoji is a new thing in the internet marketing industry and in this Emoji Traffic Review you will get an idea how this case study helps in getting 100% free traffic with just a little amount of work.

Are you asking if Emoji Traffic will surely end your traffic problems and push your traffic generation to the sky? Well, if that sounds like you then this unbiased review is definitely for you. Everyone including my very self has once battled with improving our poor traffic generation before getting it right. If we did it right, you can, too. In fact, you can actually start driving free traffic to your online business right away like the great internet marketers out there do but you need beyond just anyhow traffic – You need only worthy and targeted traffic, which is the only way can put your business in front of those buyers who need your services and eventually convert them into a lifetime customers. And, that again, is why I have gone a long way and done a lot of research to find which product can actually quench your thirst for traffic generation.

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Emoji Traffic Review

Emoji Traffic Review

What is that? I guess you asked. It’s called…

EMOJI TRAFFIC, by Aidan Corkery and Rahim Farhouni.

But before I jump into what the product is all about I think you need to know briefly about the author of this wonderful product and why he’s in the best position to teach you how to generate traffic for your business.

About The Product Authors

Emoji Traffic is a brainchild of a team of two people, Aidan Corkery and Rahim Farhouni. They’re both avid internet marketer with passion for traffic generation. They have contributed in a lot of ways to internet marketing by providing people with different internet marketing courses and free tools or resources all which has made internet marketing and traffic generation quite affordable and achievable for both beginners and experts in the field. Their product, Emoji Traffic, is a clear credence to their demonstration of how anyone (beginner or expert in internet marketing) can make a head-way in the world of traffic generation you will know how to get traffic fast.

What Is All About?

Emoji Traffic is a detailed video training put together by Aidan Corkery and Rahim Farhouni with two practical and well-demonstrated case studies and simple method of how you can unleash the power of social traffic using an algorithm and leveraging Emoji reactions on your posts on the social media. In this, Emoji reactions has a clear-cut difference and significant effect on the result you will get from the people who like your posts on the social media compared to the usual likes you get from the social posts.

Interestingly, the product, through its traffic extractor case studies, is capable of and designed to enable you generate FREE targeted social traffic on a recurring basis and make it damn easy for you to push up your income to as high as $150+ within a short time. And, you know what traffic means to any business – you get more people to know about your business, more buyers will come your way and more money will start rolling in to your bank account.

How Does Emoji Traffic Work or Help in Traffic Generation?

Emoji Traffic overview

Most interestingly, is their ready-made content templates which hold you by the hand and teach you everything you ever need to craft a compelling content that get your buyer to click the “BUY NOW” button. They further here to demonstrate to you in a real-life manner what type of posts best attract the interest of readers and what cycles look like from the scratch to an end. The good thing about this is that once you get it right you can easily get users on the social media to react to your posts and by doing that, you can fast turn them to customers.

To sum it up, the product owners explained how Emoji Traffic review works in 3 simple steps as follows:

Step #1: Activating your Emojic campaign. This takes less than 20 minutes to complete

Step #2: Wait for the weird traffic to start rolling in.

Step #3: Laugh to your bank account as the simple method will start working the magic for you.

What I Like About Emoji Traffic

Real Life Video Training: This features step-by-step video training with up to 3 real-life case studies to get started and fast-tracked the process of earning cool money. Specifically, there are case studies 1, 2 and 3 showing you how you can earn $50, $125 and $99 respectively.

Benefits and Features of Emoji Traffic:

Emoji Traffic funnel

By buying Emoji Traffic now, you stand the chance of getting a whole lot of benefits and exciting features as follows:
A comprehensive and real-life video training featuring 4 well-detailed case studies unlocking the hidden secret to FREE traffic generation.

  • 100% fun and beginner-friendly tools and training.
  • Instant and amazing profits.
  • Ready to launch method that requires spending not a dime.
  • A new method and so you don’t have to bother about market saturation.
  • Proven results.
  • Fast profit guide leveraging Emoji 100% traffic generation trick.

OTO 1 of Emoji Traffic This is known as DFY Emoji Campaigns. It contains a completely done-for-you templates and content designed to help your subscribers generate results almost immediately.

OTO 2 of Emoji Traffic This is called Advanced Emoji Tactics. It features a case study of how you can skyrocket your profits to as high as $8000 leveraging what is known as a ninja emoji trick. This amazing case study will show you how Rahim used this trick to take his profit to the next level.

OTO 3 of Emoji Traffic You will get license rights for the product. One smart trick I need to tell you here about down-sells here. If you try to reject the Oto1 and Oto2 offers mentioned above, you will get these offers at $20 discounted price, then go for it.

Final Thoughts:

So, you’re most certainly asking why the story: Should you try Emoji Traffic? Definitely, what I recommend you should. If you really love your business and want to turn things around with cool and free method of generating FREE targeted traffic. Click Here (Please insert an hyperlink here instead) to order now! The good thing about this product is it teaches strategies that have been used by great marketers out there and it demonstrates these to you via real-life case study video training. So you don’t have to rack your brain again – just copy and paste everything! I think I have said almost everything. At this level, I will leave you to take that wise decision willingly.

There are other mouth-watering bonuses awaiting you inside the members area when you buy Emoji Traffic. Also I am going to offer a special bonus package which will bring in even more success if you buy through this site.

Get All the Special Bonuses When you Get Emoji Traffic Though Exclusive Links on My Site Please Don’t Procrastinate and Take Action Before Somebody Else Does

Do you enjoy my Emoji Traffic Review? Will you like to share your experience about traffic generation with us? We would be glad if you did

Cheers, to your awesome traffic generation!!!

Final Score: 2/5

Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review

Revealed in My Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review  How This Amazing Training Package Helps You Build Your Affiliate Business from the Ground Up

Before I explain more about this system in this Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review, you need to understand a few things about affiliate marketing so that you will get a basic idea about the training.

Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing where a website promotes an advertiser’s products and in return receives a commission upon reaching a  goal such as a click or sale. In other words, an affiliate places advertisements of products from a company which is offering affiliate program and as soon as a sale is made the affiliate gets a commission as a percentage of the cost of the product.

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Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review

Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review

The Salient Points about the System:

  • Why the existing affiliate systems do not work and what you should do to solve this problem.
  • The secret behind how the lead magnet work and why most of the marketers are doing this in wrong way.
  • The 6 important aspects of a perfect squeeze page and omitting any one of this will hamper your conversions
  • The small technique you should always implement to skyrocket your conversion by 7% or more.
  • Learn why your current autoresponders might kill your business and which one will really fetch you.
  • A secret technique and thank you page automated script that make your promotions even more powerful.
  • The right way to create most appealing email follow up message to tremendously increase sales.
  • How to get accepted as an affiliate to JVZOO and Warriour Plus without fail to avoid frustration.
  • The simple and legitimate way to cloak your affiliate links so that not to get banned.
  • The good and the bad in different traffic sources and what traffic sources to concentrate if you are just starting out.
  • How to make even more profits and the one important thing that will make your commission double without doing any split testing.

As you implement the system with the information you have in this Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review, you can start making money that you ever dreamed of.   When it comes to affiliate marketing you need to be careful when choosing a subject if are really interested  in or else you’ll quickly find this tiring and boring and you’ll again be more likely to quit.

What’s more, is that readers might be able to tell that you aren’t in fact an expert on the subject and this will undermine the points you make and leave your readers less inclined to trust you. To implement all this, you need right training, that is what you get when you get Next Generation Affiliate V2.

If you want to be successful doing affiliate marketing you need to have right approach and attitude. When you just start,  you have to set realistic goals initially and build up from there. Don’t think you’ll be a millionaire overnight – but that’s okay. Aim to supplement your income doing something you love and in time you’ll start making your riches.

Up-sell 1 of Next Generation Affiliate V2  It is an affiliate funnel builder  SaaS – An easy solution to speed up the process of affiliate marketing and the process of every affiliate promotion you do.

Up-sell 2 of Next Generation Affiliate V2  It is monthly training to become a super affiliate or pro in affiliate marketing – A continuous growth business pack, with every product promotion you will get a lead magnet, exit pop funnel with free offer

Up-sell 3 of Next Generation Affiliate V2  WP Tool Kit – a massive themes and plugins bundle with developer license.


Next Generation Affiliate Bonuses:

8 Minute Profits 2.0:  A simple and newbie friendly formula that make hundreds of dollars per day with free traffic and it takes only eight minutes to setup and get started.

Adsense Dragon:  It is a detailed and step by step guide that can be used to build adsense sites that bring you income day in and day out.  It is the most comprehensive adsense training guide I have ever seen.

Click Bank Cash Machines 2.0: It is your VIP pass to generation $200 per day with a weird and proven method even if you are clueless newbie.  This is a simple and easy to follow video course which shows how to profit from this loophole and finally end your struggle.

Viral Video Commissions:  How to utilize the high converting video traffic to your favour using other people’s videos,  you don’t need to create videos ever again if you follow the training inside this method.

500 dollars case study:  Everything that  is needed to make good amount of cash using simple YouTube videos that is up to $500 per month,  once you master this, you can even scale this method to a job replacing income.

Wp Squeeze Question :  It is a plugin. The best way to generate leads from your WordPress site using the clever technique of surveys that generates curiosity among your visitors.

Wp Viral Click : It is another plugin for wordpress that brings interesting contest from external web sites so that it engages and this gets traffic.

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I hope you liked the Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review and found something useful to make your decision, be consistent and you will find that affiliate marketing really can make you rich and allow you to earn an entirely passive income. Stick with it, enjoy it and it will happen.

Overall Score: 9/10

Recurro Review

Find Out in My Recurro Review How This Newbie Friendly Course Will Help You Generate Incredible Passive Monthly Income

In this Recurro Review I am going to explain everything about the course which is based on the principle of work once and get paid every month.  This is a very beautiful concept as it shows you the way to produce recurring income month after month.

Before I endorse anything about the course you need to understand what it teaches and what are the different aspects of the method that promises this kinds of results.

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Recurro Review

Recurro Review

What is Recurro Method?

The Recurring profits method is a bulletproof strategy in video modules that will increase your earnings with little work up to one hour per day. The method will simply give you an edge above all other marketers who need to make sales consistently, whereas you only have to make the sale once and enjoy the profits forever.

Raj has discovered this amazing method, which does not require any special skills. At first like any skeptic marketer out there, I thought this has to be too good to be true.

But after seeing Raj’s proof of income one has to believe that it really works and going to help you get continuous sales,  off course one need to take action and implement the method to actually become successful.

I decided to take action on this method as it a smart concept to get recurring sales for the little work done once, so the effort we put in getting a sale would not go waste, so it is up to you to decide.

You need not take my word for it to make a decision,  there is a real testimonial to this course whom I trust a lot, he is John Thornhill who said that it is very refreshing to see a course that really does over deliver and covers everything to make a truly incredible passive income.

The member site shows everything in great detail which make it perfect for a complete beginner from a novice to become a pro in affiliate marketing.

Recurro Review : Does It Work?

My conclusion is Yes, it does work as I have seen the proof and the Salient points about the course are:

  • This system works unlike most other systems which are based on just theory
  • This is a newbie friendly method and step by step details with do this and that type of instructions
  • A system which works for years to come as it brings recurring commissions
  • A system which can truly help you quit your job, once you put effort to make income grow up to the level of your current monthly income by repeating the process.
  • One of the best concepts out there to make continuous monthly commissions

What are the Otos?

Oto 1 of Recurro – It is a Done For You recurring business where you can charge monthly fee and keep hundred percent of the profits,  you will get content each month in their members area – $27 One Time Payment

Oto 2 of Recurro – Here the creator Raj will be sharing his results which are bringing him success through case studies and  what is working at this moment and RAJ’s Newsletter at $9.95 Per Month

Oto 3 of Recurro – Resell Rights To The Recurro System, you can sell it as your own product and keep all the profits which is at  $47

Oto 4 of Recurro – 60 Days One One One Coaching where the customers can ask any questions and get help in implementing the method – $197


Thanks for reading my Recurro review till the end I hope you liked it.

If you have any questions, let me know through My email at

samspreviews(at) (personal email)

To Your Success,


Blog Defender 2018 Review

Blog Defender 2018 Review

Check out My Blog Defender 2018 Review to Know How This WordPress Security System Works to Protect Your Site from Hackers

Before I go about Blog Defender 2018 Review,  you need to know about WordPress security related issues and why you need this system to safeguard your websites from hackers.

WordPress is the most popular CMS at the moment, and therefore also a popular target for hackers and spammers. This does not mean that WordPress is unsafe. Because so many people use WordPress, it is logical that there is a huge amount of attention for WordPress, also from the hacker’s world.

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In addition, WordPress is extremely accessible; almost everyone can easily set up a website with WordPress. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do that in the right way . According to experts’ estimates, about 70 percent of all WordPress installations are therefore vulnerable.  So, here comes to your rescue is the Blog Defender 2018, which is a collection of premium plugins that helps you quickly lock down your WordPress website and protects you from ninety nine percent hacks, so please continue to read this full Blog Defender 2018 Review, you will get a clear idea.

Why would they hack my website?

I only have a few visitors a day. “Why would they hack your website if you only have a few visitors a day? This is a question that customers often ask me. However, most hackers are not looking for websites with a lot of traffic. They use your website to email SPAM through your server, which makes no difference whether your website has a lot or little traffic.

This is a good reason to properly secure your WordPress website. If SPAM is sent from your server, it may be that (for example) Google puts the IP address of your server on a “blacklist”. As a result, your “normal” newsletters and / or e-mails will also end up in the SPAM box. The idea that your website will not be hacked because you have a small-scale website is incorrect.

This is the reason you need to get Blog Defender 2018.  You also get more than 22 easy to follow and step-by-step video tutorials. In this Blog Defender 2018 Review, showing you exactly how to do everything from checking your plugins and themes, to automate remote backups and even how to clean your blog if it has been infected by some nasty thing.

To Protect WordPress Site : what can I do against hackers?

We now know how most hacks come about. But how do we ensure that this does not happen on our WordPress website (s)? In this article I put a number of useful tips at a glance. Most techniques are easy to implement, but they make a world of difference. It will probably not take you more than an hour to apply these techniques to your website.

While installing WordPress you can do a lot to prevent your WordPress website from becoming vulnerable to hackers. For example, you choose a username for the Admin user (the administrator with all rights) during installation. By default, this username is “admin”. Hackers also know this, and no less than 60 percent of WordPress websites have a user called “admin”. They then have your username, and only have to guess your password! Make sure your username is not “admin”!

You also choose a strong password during the installation. A strong password contains not only letters, but also numbers and special characters.

Limit login attempts to secure yourself from trying to login to your WordPress site from a remote location by hackers so that it gets locked after two or three attempts.

The guys behind Blog Defender 2018 have over 10 years of experience in managing hundreds of high traffic websites, sites that are often attacked, but no longer hacked after using their secret system. I hope in this Blog Defender 2018 Review I have explained enough to know the important of protecting your blogs from hackers to now to loose your hard work in just one day due to their ruthless attack.

Initial product of Blog Defender 2018  It is the actual security system and training to protect your sites

Up-sell 1 of Blog Defender 2018 is Cloud Defender Pro which comes with full developer rights

Up-sell 2 of Blog Defender 2018 is Wp Tool Kit Developer Limited Edition- It is a collection of premium WP Theme and Plugin Bundle


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I hope you enjoyed this Blog Defender 2018 review as much as I have pleasure in presenting the same to help you achieve success.

Tube Video Booster Review

Tube Video Booster Review

Welcome to my Tube Video Booster Review where I’ll show you how this secret method will boost your videos ranking on both YouTube and Google

I am going to present all the necessary details in this Tube Video Booster Review so that you will get a clear idea about the method. This is a very cool YouTube ranking method created by Johnny Thompson an SEO guy, web designer and video creator.  I am going to give a good bonus bundle to help achieve success with this, for details please see below.

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What is Tube Video Booster?

This is one of a kind YouTube ranking methods that has never been taught before.  It has all the tips and tricks to rank your videos on the top of Google and YouTube at the same time.  This definitely adds a great value to what you already know about search engine optimization, youtube video optimization and ranking videos.  A while hat method that Google loves to give the required boost to the videos.

Tube Video Booster Review

Tube Video Booster Review

You will be literally watching how to gain ranking in a short time.  Once you go through all the video, the method can be easily implemented on your own within just 20 minutes of your time.

Who Is it For?

This is for everyone who is in the field of SEO, affiliate marketing, product creators, web developers.  This system uses hundred percent free techniques and they are even giving a software as a bonus.  They even teach very cheap ways to boost your video ranking for just one dollar.

Tube Video Booster Review – Synopsis

It is a 10 part video series which teaches white hat SEO methods and how to rank youtube videos on google. You will learn four different methods in this Tube Video Booster as given below to help achieve the desired results in your effort to rank videos on the first page of Google and YouTube. They are..

  • The Google Blaster Method
  • The Rocket Blaster Booster Method
  • The Count down method and
  • The Top Secret Super Spy Method

How much will it cost to get started with Tube Video Booster

The initial price of the product will be $27 to $37 when it is launched on 29th May.

Tube Video Booster Review – Upsells

Upsell 1: It will cost $27 and It is a Grey Hat SEO Techniques and actual services  Johnny uses to rank to Rank Videos, including case studies.

Upsell 2: It is Private FB Group access for $37  to join the Group. Members of FB group will be able to ask me questions, get new videos and updates.

Tube Video Booster – Bonuses:


Thanks for reading my Tube Video Booster Review this long, I hope you liked it. Feel free to contact me if you have any question at you can contact me via my email!

From Ravi Panchakarla

Overall score: 8.0

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