IM Emails Review

IM Emails Review

IM Emails Review

Welcome to my IM Emails review where you will get all the details needed to make right decision and how this product helps you in your online marketing endeavors

Kevin Fahey is a famous internet marketer and teacher who created IM Emails, the name of the course itself conveys what it is, however you might need a detailed review to know whether it is worth pursuing. You would have already heard that money is in the list, yes that is right and online marketing is not just about creating a blog. If you are really serious about making money online you need to build a list and promote various offers to them, there it comes the present product to your rescue.

IM Emails Review - KEVIN FAHEY


What is IM Emails?

It is a brand new course which consists of training videos and a software to search the database of 1100 emails with actual email content. These are the same database of emails used by the creator to generated six figure income.

The power of an exceptionally targeted email based list is an incredible and extremely important asset to every affiliate marketer, and the more you focus on building a relationship with your list, the easier it will be to generate revenue from that subscriber base. People need to trust you and the recommendations that you make. They have to genuinely believe that you have their best interests at heart, especially if you plan on promoting high ticket items to them. I have not created this IM Emails review just for the sake of promoting it, I am definitely going to buy it for myself and use it in my regular online business.

IM Emails Demo:

You also have to take care of your list and show them that you truly value them. You can do this by offering free, quality content and in sending out a good balance of FREE offers in between promotional based campaigns.
When creating your autoresponder messages that will be delivered to your prospects from the moment they subscribe to your list, you need to always pay attention to the actual subject lines that you use. Do your best to avoid generic subject lines, and instead focus on unique subjects for each email that relate to your niche topic. Here you need right database of emails that IM Emails has in its arsenal.

Who need IM Emails?

No matter which niche you’re involved with, you need to build a list if you want any kind of lasting income streams. One-time sales are great, but once someone has bought through your affiliate link, they’re gone forever and you’ll need to attract new prospects.

IM Emails Review - Logo

With lists, you can increase the profitability of your entire campaign while minimizing the cost of customer acquisition. Since you can focus on promoting to the SAME target audience consistently, you will be able to minimize the costs of advertising, significantly! Therefore IM Emails is the best option as it not only teaches how to do email marketing and also gives the actual set of successful emails to load into your autoresponder, but with the front end you will be getting only subject of these emails, you need to buy the upsell to get the email copy of all the eleven hundred subject lines which can be retrieved using the software they provide.

Also there is a good bonus which consists of 8 video training modules which reveals the best emails marketing strategies that help them make millions working online.

IM Emails Upsells

Upsell 1

1100 subject lines built into the software with a one click to view any email. With these you can copy their exact success, not only modeling the subject line but the email copy that has generated thousands for them..

Upsell 2

IM Funnels: This is one of their best products as it provides six completely done for your marketing funnels which consists of Squeeze pages, bonus reports, download pages, emails,and everything else you need to collect leads and making affiliate sales.

Upsell 3

In this you will get 10 additional funnels which includes four months of followup emails.

Upsell 4

This comes with re-seller rights for IM funnels products, that is a chance to get 100% commission on fourteen of their high converting funnels

Upsell 5

This is VIP training with an access to all of their product, software, plugins and training and monthly membership webinars.

Some of the up-sells are worth buying, personally I like the upsell 1 and 2 and I highly recommend as it makes your email marketing very easy. I hope I have given enough details about the product in this IM Emails review, If you are already into email marketing it is worth giving it a try, if you are a newbie then you can learn about it with the help of training modules and become a six figure marketer.

IM Emails Review – Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Affiliate Marketing Master Plan

Bonus 2: WP Squeeze Question Plugin

It is a clever way to generate leads and sales by putting simple questions to your visitors.

Bonus 3: 5 Day Fix


Thanks for reading my review I hope you liked it!

Overall score: 6.5/10

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