Leads2List Review

The Most Incisive Leads2List Review

All of you probably are hearing about the latest tool on the internet that will get you all the leads while you just sit back and relax. In this Leads2List review, I am going to show you how important is this tool in your internet marketing business. The claims say that you don’t have to get your prospects to fill in forms. You don’t have to get them to fill their e-mail ids. But you still get all those leads. The makers of the tool even claim that you don’t have to know any coding to use this. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

We are talking about Leads2List which is the latest tool to get all your leads to your autoresponder for use in e-mail marketing. While taking their claims with a pinch of salt let me do the Leads2List review that will be helpful to all digital marketers.

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Leads2List Review

Leads2List Review

What is Leads2List?

Leads2List is a SAAS that is promising to get you all the leads from Facebook without violating any laws. It is compatible with the GDPR. Facebook has the e-mail addresses of all its subscribers. These e-mail ids are all verified. That means you get genuine contact details like e-mail id or mobile numbers. And it is very easy.

Nobody gives their e-mail ids to anyone as they are fed up with so many emails in their inbox. Using this tool, your prospects won’t have to fill up any details nor do they have to type their e-mail addresses. All they need to do is one click, and the leads keep coming into your auto-responder. Incredible, but true, and I am going to tell you how it works.

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Who Can Use Leads2List?

If I didn’t tell in this Leads2List Review who can benefit from this, there is no use to anyone. This tool is very useful for people who are in digital marketing. Products sellers can use this for e-mail id where they can send their product brochures. E-commerce sellers can use this to get an e-mail id to whom they can continue to sell to the customers many products. E-mail marketers are certainly benefitted by this. Once you have got this tool you are going to continue to get leads as you relax.

How Does It Work?

It is simple to use. Create a Facebook Leadgen Ad. Connect the Leads2List to the ad. Every time a prospect clicks on the ad, the details will flow to your autoresponder. You can select which Facebook page to promote to Leads2List. Connect your autoresponders to the Leads2List. Select which Facebook Ad goes to which autoresponder. You can see the leads coming into your autoresponder. You can also set up a welcome mail to be sent.

With such a good product you don’t need any other motivation to purchase it. However, the tool comes with four one-time-offers. You get the Leads2List Pro at $47, the Leads2List Agency at $67, the Leads2List Marketing Training at $27 and the Leads2List List Janitor Pro at $47.

What are Leads2List upgrades and how they help you in running even more successful email marketing campaigns

Upgrade 1 of Leads2List It is called leasd2list pro and it gets leads from LinkedIn also in addition to Facebook, you can even get leads to multiple lists and from multiple facebook page.

Upgrade 2 of Leads2List It is an Agency licence, with this you can sell account on Leads2List for a one-time fee or a recurring fee without even running any facebook ad. So it gives more advantage in making more money than you normally do in promoting affiliate products.

Upgrade 3 of Leads2List This is a powerful lead generation and marketing training which increases your potential to utilise the list to the maximum extent.

Upgrade 4 of Leads2List It is called List Janitor Pro and helps you maintain your list effectively by cleaning your list and managing it thus makes things easy for you.

The Final Words

After reading this Leads2List review I am sure you are ready to grab your offer package right now before they close the offer forever. This is certainly a product that is very helpful for any e-mail marketer or digital marketer to get effective leads without much effort on your part.

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