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Today we are looking a product called Profit Mate, created by Brendan Mace. If you have been searching for a genuine review of this product, you just found it! We are about to buy and test this software personally. Check out what we found below…


What Is Profit Mate And How Does It Work?

Profit Mate is an online software app designed to help people to make money online. The creators of this product say that this is a complete business solution, where anyone at any skill level can easily make an income online.

In fact, the official page claims that you can start earning with just 3 clicks.

Profit Mate claims that their members area contains everything needed to run an online business and to make an income on the net. The software works by collecting targeted “leads” from the internet. Affiliate offers and promotions can then be sent to these leads, leading to sales and a healthy profit hopefully. But does Profit Mate really work?

We decided that the only way to see if Profit Mate could live up to the hype was to test it out. The results may surprise you!

Welcome To My Profit Mate Review!

If you have been looking into ways of making money online for any amount of time, then you will already know that “traffic” and “leads” are the key to success. Without traffic you have no sales, simple as that. Yet Profit Mate claims to solve this problem with ease.

On the official sales page for Profit Mate, there is a ton of hype making this product sound amazing. But one thing that really bothers me is when product creators claim that you can make money at the push of a button.

I have been reviewing products like this for quite a few years and I have yet to find a single product that allows you to start earning online with just a few clicks.

So what’s the truth behind Profit Mate? Does it really work? Lets find out what’s inside the members area.

Inside The Members Area

Inside the Profit Mate members area you will find a very simple layout. The idea of the software is to collect leads in the form of email addresses from the search results.

To start the software you simply enter a keyword into the search field. Profit Mate then starts to extract email addresses from websites based on the keyword that you provided.

When the software has finished collecting all the emails that it can find, you then have the ability to download the list.

I Found A Major Problem!

This is where things started to get a little bit worrying. You see, Profit Mate goes out and collects emails from the “contacts” section of websites under the keyword that you provided.

With this software the only emails that you are going to collect are those that are supposed to be used to contact a website owner for information or support. So as a result we got quite a lot of “info” and “support” email addresses. This process is known as email scraping and is a method that could get you into a lot of trouble by law if you don’t take care.

But that’s not all. Whilst testing this software I realized that there was one big major problem. Although the sales page claimed that this package contains everything that you need to make money, there was a big problem!

What do you do with the emails once you have collected them?

The sales page made it quite clear that nothing else was required to start earning. In fact, here’s a screenshot to prove it!

From the sales page I presumed that the software would collect the leads and then give you a way of contacting them legally. But no, the members area is totally lacking in any way to contact the leads that you have collected!

Going back to the Profit Mate sales page, it clearly states that you don’t need an email autoresponder. But surely this would be the only way to contact all those so called leads that the software collected?

But if we were to download the email addresses and then load them into an autoresponder, we would be breaking the law if we were to send them unsolicited emails.

Confused? We were not the only ones!

Check out this video review of Profit Mate from School Of Nomads. It seems that they are just as confused as we were.

Is Profit Mate By Brendan Mace A Scam?

I couldn’t possibly call Profit Mate a total scam as it actually does some of what it claims to do. The software does indeed go out and collect leads from the internet. But that is where this product ends. With no way of marketing to these leads, there is simply no way to make money.

On top on that, the leads that Profit Mate brings back are very low quality. Most of the people looking at this product will be interested in using it for affiliate marketing or maybe to bring more traffic into their own website. These leads wouldn’t help you even if there was a way to send email from the members area.

Profit Mate Review – Final Words

In my opinion this is yet another piece of software designed to make the process of making money online look really easy. The truth is, out of all the so called “push button” solutions that I have found, there isn’t a single one of them that works. This is certainly the case with Profit Mate.

This product is very misleading but hopefully you will have learned enough here to enable you to make an informed decision.

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