Profit7 MEGA Bonus and Full Review

Profit7 review

This new course by Super Affiliates Paul Nicholls & Trevor Carr is called Profit7 and will be released on Dec. 22nd 10AM EST.

The name of this course is very appropriate because inside he shows you 7 extremely profitable methods that he’s actually used to make money online with and how YOU can execute them to make money too.

Now many of you know Paul and know that he has a reputation for putting out great products and only teaching things that he actually uses in his business to make money, this course is no different.

Paul has been earning an income online for over a decade now (which means he’s a dinosaur in internet years).

These 7 money getting techniques are brilliant and some of the most actionable that I’ve personally ever seen.

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Main Course ($7.95) – is made of 7 different underground money getting strategies that have been battle-tested by super affiliate Paul Nicholls

Upgrade 1 ($17) – is an Advanced Training Course that will help you take the fast cash strategies that you are shown in the main course and turn these into anywhere from $100-$500 profit days…everyday.

Upgrade 2 ($27) – In this upgrade Paul & Trevor combine 2 courses to make one MEGA course that shows you how they’ve been able to consistently dominate leaderboards and make killer commissions. They’re going to take you behind the scenes and teach you the best of the best strategies and tactics that they’ve learned over the last 12 months.

Upgrade 3 ($67) – In this upgrade you’ll get Paul & Trevor’s flagship product Affiliate Mastery which sold for $497, and they’re also throwing in Affiliate Mastery 2.0 with it! The Affiliate Mastery training courses are full webinar replays, providing several hours of extremely high quality, VIP coaching.

Upgrade 4 – Yet to be announced!

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Review of Profit 7

Fast Cash Method 1 – The Underground Profit Method

In this video Paul showcases what has by far been my most favorite and profitable method of making money online. Niche sites. I know for a fact that Paul has had a lot of success with niche sites in the past and has turned around and sold them for some very nice money. You can do the same. Paul shows two VERY profitable ways to to use this method, goes through a few niche examples and explains everything in total detail, this video is very lengthy and detailed.

Fast Cash Method 2 – The Under the Radar Method

In this training Paul takes you over his shoulder and shows you method #2 for earning cash completely under the radar. This method allows you to stay completely behind the scenes. This method involves finding new products that are being launched and then using Pauls unique system of earning commissions off of making reviews from these products. It’s worth noting that Paul does thing’s a lot different then your average affiliate which is what allow him to earn much more money from sending less traffic than other affiliates. He is definitely someone you should be learning from.

Fast Cash Method 3 – The Snowball Method

In this training Paul shows a simple step-by-step system of how to take a free source of traffic and setup a really simple mini funnel of sorts that you can profit from. The cool thing is the way that Paul teaches this it will continue to grow and grow over time or “snowball” hence the name.

Fast Cash Method 4 – The Affiliate Sniper Method

This is such a smart method that Paul is teaching here. Everyone in the market place is going after a certain type of keywords and while they are profitable, they are also saturated. Here Paul teaches you a very clever way to find keywords with much lower competition but at the same time are extremely profitable!

Fast Cash Method 5 – The Out of the Box Method

This is definitely a “thinking out of the box” kind of method as Paul describes it. Paul shows some really quick & dirty trips to drive traffic to your offers via Youtube (without making videos!) This is a great strategy that I’ve never thought of doing. Anyone can do this to start driving traffic to their blogs or affiliate offers. Brilliant!

Fast Cash Method 6 – The Teaser Method

In this training Paul shows a very clever way to leverage content that people really want and how to make money by giving it to them =). Win/Win

Fast Cash Method 7 – The Domination Method

In this method Paul showcases what is probably my favorite video of the entire course and it’s all about building authority sites. Paul outlines exactly what you’ll need to build up one of these authority sites and shows you everything that you are going to need to actually make it work. I’m actually doing this going forward and have been building up my own authority site for over a year now and I can tell you first hand that it’s extremely profitable and VERY hands off once you get off the ground.

My Summary

Every product that Paul Nicholls and Trevor Carr put out is very high quality and this one is no different. This product is a total steal at $7.95 and I honestly can’t believe they’re releasing it at such a cheap price.

I really like how they have 7 completely different money getting strategies laid-out in this course so you have many different options to choose from. If you don’t like one method you simply choose another, you get to pick the method that fits you and your style best.

The member’s area is laid out nicely and makes it very easy to navigate through the different strategies. This makes it easy to come back to the money-getting strategies you are planning to implement so that you can watch/listen to the videos while you’re taking action.

If you’re an introvert like me, Paul shows you methods that you can use to make money and stay 100% behind the scenes (I love these).

Some things I felt that were lacking in this course were some more step-by-step directions into some of the actual money getting strategies.

In the firs fast cash video for example Paul shows how to make money with niche sites and although he gives a general outline of how they should be built and some different things to look for, he doesn’t actually show you how to setup a niche site live. Which is very important. He also mentions backlinking very briefly at the end which can be the single most important step to getting your niche site ranked but he doesn’t show you how to do it.

In another video he shows how you can make quick cash from making Youtube videos and promoting products, but he doesn’t show you how to rank optimize and rank these videos on Google and Youtube once you have them made.

However, with my mega bonus package I have created extra training for you which explains in detail all the parts that Paul left out. I have created a very meaty and actionable “Backlink Blueprint” video where I show you step-by-step the exact backlinks you need to use to rank your niche sites high on Google and exactly how to implement the strategy. I’m an SEO by trade and I’ve ranked 100’s of web properties over the years and in this training you’ll see the exact backlinking strategy that I use to get my sites to the top of google and get loads of traffic.

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Bonus 1 – In this bonus I’m going to be giving you what I feel is the ‘missing link’ to Paul’s strategy to making money with niche sites. It’s a video training where I show you my complete ‘Backlink Blueprint’ – Paul doesn’t cover how to backlink your sites but in this bonus I’ve got you covered.

Bonus 2 – In this video training I show you all the steps from optimizing your video prior to uploading it and then the whole process of doing on page video SEO to gain higher rankings. I also show you some ninja strategies that will make sure you outrank your competition like clockwork.

Bonus 3 – Get your hands on my Outsourcer Rolodex in this bonus! Over the last 3 years I have strategically compiled a list of gigs, services and people that I use to outsource 90% of my business with complete confidence. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am or have made anywhere near as much money as I have if it weren’t for the resources and people contained in this list. Priceless!

Bonus 4 – In this advanced training I’m going to show you how you can ‘test a niche’ for free before entering it. This is extremely important and will show you within 24 hours if a niche is worth entering a just how profitable it will really be.

Bonus 5 – Get my #1 Fast Cash secret that I’ve been using for over 3 years to generate $200-300/pop every single time I use this simple technique. Very easy and very scalable, you can easily use this method to make over $1k+ per month with VERY little effort.

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