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ProfitPad Review


Hi folks it’s Sam here from SamsPreviews dot com here with my review of ProfitPad which Launches on the 2nd of October at 9 00 a.m Eastern Standard Time.

In this review, I’m going to go through this new release from James Fawcett who some of you will know is one of my mentors, I’m a member of his breakout Academy which is an excellent program I have to say. But it’s very rare that James releases low-ticket affiliate products these days, this is only about the second one in the space of a year I think he’s done a couple of reissues of some of his previous products but in terms of brand new this is only about the second one in a year.

ProfitPad Review – Overview

  • Vendor:
James Fawcett
  • Product:
  • Launch Date:
  • Launch Time:
09:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price:
Only $17
  • Sales Page:
Click Here!
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend

What Is ProfitPad All About?

ProfitPad is a virtually unknown, brand new method with full step-by-step training, the last method that you’ll ever need, you can access the exact method where James got the fastest results he’s ever seen and you can rinse and repeat on demand. It’s set and forget autopilot affiliate commission system and as I said you get a 100 day money back guarantee if you don’t see results.

The Man Behind of ProfitPad

the vendor James Fawcett

The vendor: James Fawcett

The vendor is James Fawcett, he only really brings stuff out when it when he’s got something new to add to the market something new to say and he’s created this new system ProfitPad today as it says he revealed his breakthrough money page commission system that regenerates his income day after day without fail and it is a system that is built around single money pages that you will create using the provided software inside ProfitPad.

ProfitPad Review – Inside The ProfitPad Member Area

Now it comes with very comprehensive training are both a separate training section as well as the training that comes with the software itself.

So a lot of you will have bought softwares where the training is very basic, you get access to there are just a couple of training videos and that’s pretty much and it can be difficult to follow sometimes – a lot of the time because the software is actually rubbish as well but that’s another story.

With ProfitPAD, the actual training from a software developer inside the software. I’ll show you all this ProfitPAD Review obviously in a minute, you’ve also got step-by-step walkthrough training from James himself so you can’t get into any difficulty with being able to follow it.

I don’t promote very many softwares these days but because this one has got such a strong training program behind it you know I’m more than happy to recommend ProfitPad bonuses which you can only get if you pick up a copy from my affiliate link by clicking on the link below this bring you through to the salespage.

We will have a look at the sales page, ProfitPad revealed our breakthrough money page commission system that regenerates our income day after day without fail, it’s making us 1866 daily passively here’s how you can replicate our success within 20 minutes.

There’s a sales video there which is also on my bonus page: fast news results you’ve ever seen, newbies getting instant results, multiple commission income streams from in-built converting money Pages, done for you autopilot sales from 100 plus new buyer traffic sources, zero Tech skills needed, all inclusive zero budget required, experience Freedom, working flawlessly in 2022 and Beyond, a hundred day money back guarantee and get results or get paid three hundred dollars providing you followed the instructions.

As I said we’ll have a look at the upsells we’ll also have a look in the main training area. This two separate training areas to log into so you’ve got the actual main training area with James here and then you’ve got the software itself. And the software itself has also got a built-in training area from the software developer and that brings you over to the overview from the developer. So you’ve got everything that you can possibly need so let’s go now and have a look at my bonuses by clicking on the link underneath.

ProfitPad Review – The Bonus

So what am I going to throw in if you pick this up from my link first I’m going to throw in six Super solo ads so what is a Super Solo Ad: it’s an ad that you can send out to all of the members across my own 25 websites in the make money online Niche, now there are over 30 000 members across these 25 sites and you can send an email ad to them not once but six times; all you have to do is send the subject line the message that you want to send to them and the URL now you could easily use this in conjunction with ProfitPad because once you’ve gone through the system and actually created the pages then all you need to do is to create a solo ad and then send traffic to them through The six Solo ads system. This is something as I said you won’t get it anywhere else and it’s an additional traffic Source over and above the traffic that you’re already going to be getting from inside the ProfitPad system.
I strongly recommend that if you’re interested at all in ProfitPad that you do go ahead and buy it from my link, you can take advantage of this additional built-in free traffic to over 30 000 users.

Next, I’m going to give you another one of James’s best-selling products INFusion 2.0 and one of Jono Armstrong’s who’s also one of my mentors as it happens products that he launched with uh Shubham: this is Lazy Traffic Sniper how you can find and monetize free buyer traffic. I also going to throw in a great release from the Digital Dames that is Paula Marie and Nanda Brown they’re not actually operating as a pairing anymore which is a shame because they’ve brought out some great products: Maeve shows you how you can get traffic on tap at your fingertips. Method X is another one of the flagship bestsellers from James Fawcett and his business partner Mark Barrett. It’s not available if you buy directly from James himself only if you buy it from me.

Octagon: another one of Jono’s products that allows you to clone all of his top promos and ProfitForce will show you how you can earn 334 dollars every 23 seconds and finally one more of James Fawcett and Mark Barrett’s products: The BreakoutCode 2.0 and How to make money with Crypto.

There are plenty of stuff there folks for you again only available if you pick this up from my link you will of course get their bonuses as well.

ProfitPad Review – Evaluation and Price

I just really wanted to show you the additional bonuses that you’re going to get from the vendor which are down here so first: 10 DFY ProfitPad Converting Funnels, Endgame Super Affiliate Reseller Approval this is reseller rights that James is giving you to one of his products endgame and a commission bump on this so you’ll get hundred percent commissions, Our Buyer Traffic Rolodex, 3 Day ProfitPad Cash Converting Campaign Series.

We’ll also have a look at the upsells that come with this, the price is 16.95 for the front end but I can tell you that if you move your cursor up as if you’re gonna leave the page I’ve already done it so it won’t do it a second time but you will see a five dollar drop-down discount coupon. So if you just move your cursor up as if you’re going to leave the page then that drop down coupon will appear and you can get yourself a five dollar discount which obviously then will reduce the price to just 11.95.

The Front End – ProfitPad: $16.97
The Upgrade 1 – Unlimited: $47
Upgrade 2 – Auto-pilot: $67
Upgrade 3 – DFY Package: $197
Upgrade 4 – Agency: $67
Upgrade 5 – Unlimited Traffic: $197
Upgrade 6 – Super Affiliate Reseller Bundle: $147
So it’s a very strong funnel do pick up what you can afford to because it’s all good stuff there!

This an SamsPreviews a star rating of five out of five because it really is an exceptionally strong product.

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