Traffic Ivy Review – My Experience With The Viral Traffic Network

Hi this is Sam from SamsPreviews and today I’m going to be testing Traffic Ivy by Cindy Donovan.

This platform sounds like a brilliant way for bloggers and site owners to increase their traffic levels and audience reach. The membership allows individuals to share their content with other members of the Traffic Ivy community who will in turn share your content on their own blogs and social media accounts.

Free traffic can be gained through Traffic Ivy by sharing other peoples content, or you can simply buy traffic with credits. Sounds like a great way to create some extra site visitors and maybe make a few extra sales?

Traffic Ivy certainly looks like it has huge potential. But can it deliver?


(Above) Traffic and affiliate sales as shown on the Traffic Ivy website.

We all know that traffic is the key to success when it comes to creating online content. But can Traffic Ivy really provide a steady stream of high quality, targeted traffic? Or is this all hype with no results? We are about to learn the truth…

This is my genuine account and experience of using this product. I hope you find the information on this page helpful. If you do find this review useful, please support us by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

Welcome To My Traffic Ivy Review!

At first glance the Traffic Ivy website looks professional and there are no immediate signs that this service is a scam in any way. Traffic Ivy is sold via Clickbank which is an online marketplace for affiliates as well as being a secure payment processor.

You can see my receipt above, just to prove that this is a totally genuine account of my experience.

We paid a total of $32.15 to get access to the membership. This included 10,000 traffic credits so that we can test the quality of traffic. I’ll tell you more about those credits shortly. We also had access to a discount coupon for $20 off. I’ll link it below if that discount is still available.

Click the image above to check for the discount. The coupon will appear at the bottom of the page if available. Simply click the coupon to apply it to your order.

About The Creator – Cindy Donovan

Traffic Ivy was created by Cindy Donovan and her team. Cindy is a well known internet marketer with plenty of experience in the field of traffic generation.

Cindy Donovan is a product creator and is responsible for many online marketing products as well as running her own blog, Wildfire Concepts also on the subject of internet marketing.

What Is Traffic Ivy And How Does It Work?

The Traffic Ivy website and training area are split into 3 areas. There is the traffic Ivy software, a profit funnel section and a training zone.

Traffic Ivy aims to simplify the one problem that most bloggers and website owners face. Targeted traffic is essential if you want to earn money from your blog. But getting free targeted traffic from the search engines can be time consuming and hard work. Paid traffic on the other hand can be extremely expensive. So can Traffic Ivy strike a happy balance between quality traffic and affordability?

Getting started with Traffic Ivy is apparently very simple. We have just 3 steps to follow in order to start generating some traffic. This sounds a little bit too good to be true, but there’s only one way to find out if this works…

Lets check out the members area and put this software to the test…

Problems Logging Into Traffic Ivy

The first thing that you need to do once you have your Traffic Ivy membership is to log into the members area. And this is where I discovered my first problem with the membership.

After logging in for the first time I had a look around the membership and then logged out for a while to do other things. After I returned I found that I couldn’t log back into the members area!

In fact, the option to log into the software was completely blank! You can see in the image below how the login screen is supposed to look on the left.

The image on the right is what I experienced after logging out for the first time. There was simply no way to log back into the software!

After a while I discovered an easy work-around for this glitch. I simply cleared my browsing data and was able to log back in normally. So if you have experienced this, try clearing your browsing data and then refreshing the page.

The Traffic Ivy Members Area

Once inside the members area we can see that everything appears to be pretty well organized. At the top left of the members area we see the available options for generating traffic. As well as stats for the entire community on the right side of the members area.

You can see at the time of writing my Traffic Ivy review, there are 5227 members, 625 blogs within the network and 1530 social media accounts. This sounds great and there certainly looks to be great potential for traffic generation here.

In the middle of the members area on the left hand side you will find the training area. Most of the training is done via video, so there isn’t a great deal to read and the process is actually very simple.

The tutorials are all hosted by the creator of this product herself, Cindy Donovan. The instructions are clear and the whole process is very easy to understand.

All appeared to be going well… But then I found another issue!

Unable To Complete Step 1!!

Traffic Ivy is all about sharing content on other people blogs and social accounts. You can earn points by sharing other peoples content on your social media accounts too. So the very first thing that Cindy suggest we do is to connect our social media accounts to the software.

And this is where I immediately ran another problem.

Connecting your social media accounts to this service seemed really easy in the tutorial. But when I tried to add my Facebook account I was presented with the following error!

(Above) Facebook Login Is Currently unavailable for this app!

I figured I would simply skip this step for now and move onto the traffic generation side of things. Perhaps this issue might get sorted in the next few days? In which case I will post an update.

Lets Start Generating Some Traffic!

Up until this point I had experienced a couple of issues but the main thing that we are all here for is the actual traffic. Can this software really deliver genuine targeted leads? Lets find out…

Generating traffic for your website or blog can be done in the traffic campaigns section of the site. To set up a new campaign you simply fill in the online form and let the software do the rest.

Setting up a campaign was very easy. You simply answer the questions that the system asks you. You can create quite a few different campaigns too, such as banner ads, social shares, blog shares and so on.

Once you have this set up you can then assign some traffic credits. You can purchase credits through the members area but our membership came with 10,000 credits. According to the official site 10,000 points will get you between 400 and 1000 shares. Pretty good right?

Assigning Traffic Ivy Credits

The idea here is that you choose how much someone gets paid (in credits) when they share your content. So lets say you want a certain page of your website sharing on other peoples Twitter accounts. You set up a Twitter campaign and assign a certain amount of credits that each person will get paid when they share your content.

In my case I decided that I would pay 50 credits each time someone shared my content on Twitter about learning affiliate marketing. I also set a maximum amount of credits to use on that campaign (2000). Take a look at the campaigns that I set up within my Traffic Ivy membership.

How Long Before We Start To See Results?

I have to admit that although I ran into a couple of glitches within the Traffic Ivy site, the process for setting up campaigns was very easy. But now the question is, how long before we start to see results?

After setting up the three campaigns that you see above I checked in the following day and found absolutely zero results! Yes, it was only one day but I wanted to give you as much detail as possible. If you are expecting instant results, don’t count on it!

I was hoping that the Traffic Ivy community would be pretty active, especially as the members area states that they have over 5000 members.

So perhaps we just need to give those campaigns a little time to get shared!

More Updates soon!

We are in the early stages of reviewing this product, so please check back in a few days for further updates as we test the quality of this traffic generating service.

UPDATE – 2 Days Later…

This is just a quick update to my Traffic Ivy review. so its 2 days later and I have just tried to log back into the members area. Once again I am faced with the Traffic Ivy logo and no way to actually log into the members area! The fields to enter your user name and password don’t show after you return to the members area.

To see if this was just a problem with one of my browsers I actually tried logging in with two different internet browsers. Unfortunately, I had the same experience with both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

I called this a glitch the other day when I started writing this review. Now I find this rather annoying! Logging in should be the most basic of things for any membership site. Hopefully Cindy Donovan will rectify this issue very soon.

What To Do If You Can’t Log Into Traffic Ivy

If you are having the same experience as me and are unable to log into the members area, you need to clear your cookies. Just clear your cookies within the history section of your internet browser, refresh the page and you will then be able to log in.

Traffic Ivy Review – Part 2

Now that we are finally logged in again we can take a look at our results from the last couple of days.

I have to admit that this is quite disappointing. After 2 days of having my first campaigns live on the website I only achieved 1 share. Did I gain any traffic or referrals as a result of this share? No, I’m afraid not!

Lets Try A Different Approach!

In my first test I tried to get shares on Twitter and Facebook for 50 points per share. The guidelines on the Traffic Ivy site don’t state how many you should offer in terms of points. So in my next test I will increase the amount of points offered in order to try and attract more shares.

3 More Campaigns To Test The Quality Of Traffic

I set up 3 more campaigns within Traffic Ivy. This time I have increased the amount of points that I am offering for shares of my content. Maybe I went a little bit too low the first time around. It’s difficult to know how many point per share to offer as there isn’t any guidance on it. This is something that you just have to play around with. It would be nice to see additional training on this in the future.

More Updates Coming Soon!

This is an ongoing review where we are genuinely testing the quality of traffic from the Traffic Ivy membership. Please check back soon for further updates.

Share Your Experience With Traffic Ivy

If you have used Traffic Ivy and would like to share your own experience, please do so here! Post your questions and comments at the bottom of this article. Sharing your experience really does help others to make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Thank you!

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