Tube Video Booster Review

Tube Video Booster Review

Welcome to my Tube Video Booster Review where I’ll show you how this secret method will boost your videos ranking on both YouTube and Google

I am going to present all the necessary details in this Tube Video Booster Review so that you will get a clear idea about the method. This is a very cool YouTube ranking method created by Johnny Thompson an SEO guy, web designer and video creator.  I am going to give a good bonus bundle to help achieve success with this, for details please see below.

Click here at May 29th at 9am EST to get an early bird discount on Tube Video Booster along with my special bonuses

What is Tube Video Booster?

This is one of a kind YouTube ranking methods that has never been taught before.  It has all the tips and tricks to rank your videos on the top of Google and YouTube at the same time.  This definitely adds a great value to what you already know about search engine optimization, youtube video optimization and ranking videos.  A while hat method that Google loves to give the required boost to the videos.

Tube Video Booster Review

Tube Video Booster Review

You will be literally watching how to gain ranking in a short time.  Once you go through all the video, the method can be easily implemented on your own within just 20 minutes of your time.

Who Is it For?

This is for everyone who is in the field of SEO, affiliate marketing, product creators, web developers.  This system uses hundred percent free techniques and they are even giving a software as a bonus.  They even teach very cheap ways to boost your video ranking for just one dollar.

Tube Video Booster Review – Synopsis

It is a 10 part video series which teaches white hat SEO methods and how to rank youtube videos on google. You will learn four different methods in this Tube Video Booster as given below to help achieve the desired results in your effort to rank videos on the first page of Google and YouTube. They are..

  • The Google Blaster Method
  • The Rocket Blaster Booster Method
  • The Count down method and
  • The Top Secret Super Spy Method

How much will it cost to get started with Tube Video Booster

The initial price of the product will be $27 to $37 when it is launched on 29th May.

Tube Video Booster Review – Upsells

Upsell 1: It will cost $27 and It is a Grey Hat SEO Techniques and actual services  Johnny uses to rank to Rank Videos, including case studies.

Upsell 2: It is Private FB Group access for $37  to join the Group. Members of FB group will be able to ask me questions, get new videos and updates.

Tube Video Booster – Bonuses:


Thanks for reading my Tube Video Booster Review this long, I hope you liked it. Feel free to contact me if you have any question at you can contact me via my email!

From Ravi Panchakarla

Overall score: 8.0

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ViddyGenie Review

ViddyGenie Review

Revealed in My ViddyGenie Review How this Powerful  Software Makes Your Life Easy in Creating and Ranking Videos

You know that there are already so many video creation software are released now a days, in this ViddyGenie review I am going to show you whether this one is worth investing your time? and hard earned money.

If you want to concentrate on one methods consistently, video marketing is one of the best options to start with. An empty channel without any video will not work. So we need such videos that can be profitable to us, which can drive money to our account and also be helpful to the visitor.

Click here at 1st June 2018 @ 11AM EST to get an early bird discount on ViddyGenie along with my special bonuses

Though there are many such software are available, this one has caught my eye as it provides all in one solution to create video and marketing at the same time.

ViddyGenie Review

ViddyGenie Review

What is ViddyGenie?

It is a web based software that helps in both video creation and ranking videos created with it.  It creates short and simple videos, video for product reviews, videos for business intro, facebook cover video, quotes, jokes and many more.

ViddyGenie’s excellent video ranking feature make it very easy to dominate several first page search rankings and thus gets perpetual free traffic to your offers.  It offers more than 50 video templates and three hundred frames to create such videos.

It has the ability to upload video to youtube, video keyword estimation and keyword suggestion.  It is creates backlinks and social sharing to nearly 8  important sites but this option is only in the first upsell.

ViddyGenie Review – In detail

It has any kind of video templates to create short reviews video for many occasions as mentioned above.  You can even modify the given video templates and alter the frames within a template.

You can use the live video feature to go live on youtube for better rankings or download the videos, it has the ability to  syndicate these videos to six social media sites with click of a button.

Now the important part of marketing a video is the ability to rank a video,  it has features like suggestion of keywords, keyword estimation, competition analysis, creating backlinks to video to get desired rankings.

The last but most important feature of ViddyGenie is that it can create the most powerful link wheels or tired links for videos to increase video rankings.

ViddyGenie Demo:

How much ViddyGenie costs?

The main product cost only $27 and it contains the feature to create and upload videos, keyword estimation and keyword suggestions.  I frankly believe that this is not sufficient to market your video, so you needs to take up upsell-1 to actually rank you videos and get sales.

ViddyGenie Review – Upsells

Upsell 1 of ViddyGenie:  Access to all their YouTube and seo ranking tools.

Upsell 2 of ViddyGenie: Live video streaming feature in youtube.

Upsell 3 of ViddyGenie: Three agency licenses for FE, FE+upsell1 and FE+upsell1+upsell3.

ViddyGenie Review – Bonuses:

Viral Video Commissions:  A newbie friendly and three step system which reveals how you can easily make hundreds per day with other peoples’s videos.

500 Dollar Youtube Case Study:  Everything revealed to make up to 500 dollars per day with simple youtube videos

YouTube Traffic Loophole: In this report you will be knowing exactly how you can siphon laser targeted visitors by tapping into the power of YouTube.

Wp Sqeeze Question Plugin:   Create professional survey questionnaire to grab leads cleverly using the power of wordpress.

Wp Video Attention Plugin:  The best way to stop your visitors and instantly engage with your videos.

Wp Viral Click Plugin:  Automatically generate interesting content for your WordPress site from external web pages to engage the visitor and get traffic.

Youtube List Tornado: This course is all about how to get traffic from you tube to build your list.  How to do research to get to know your market and ultimately why this is so important.How to do keyword research to get traffic to your videos, a very important component of this whole thing.

Visit the official site

Thanks for reading my Viddygenie Review and I hope you will find it useful,  If you have any doubts you can contact me at click here!

Overall Score: 8.0/10

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Ultimate Banner Plugin Review – Should You GET It?

Ultimate Banner Plugin Review

Ultimate Banner Plugin Review

All in one to know about the Ultimate Banner Plugin


IM Emails Review

IM Emails Review

IM Emails Review

Welcome to my IM Emails review where you will get all the details needed to make right decision and how this product helps you in your online marketing endeavors

Kevin Fahey is a famous internet marketer and teacher who created IM Emails, the name of the course itself conveys what it is, however you might need a detailed review to know whether it is worth pursuing. You would have already heard that money is in the list, yes that is right and online marketing is not just about creating a blog. If you are really serious about making money online you need to build a list and promote various offers to them, there it comes the present product to your rescue.

IM Emails Review - KEVIN FAHEY


What is IM Emails?

It is a brand new course which consists of training videos and a software to search the database of 1100 emails with actual email content. These are the same database of emails used by the creator to generated six figure income.

The power of an exceptionally targeted email based list is an incredible and extremely important asset to every affiliate marketer, and the more you focus on building a relationship with your list, the easier it will be to generate revenue from that subscriber base. People need to trust you and the recommendations that you make. They have to genuinely believe that you have their best interests at heart, especially if you plan on promoting high ticket items to them. I have not created this IM Emails review just for the sake of promoting it, I am definitely going to buy it for myself and use it in my regular online business.

IM Emails Demo:

You also have to take care of your list and show them that you truly value them. You can do this by offering free, quality content and in sending out a good balance of FREE offers in between promotional based campaigns.
When creating your autoresponder messages that will be delivered to your prospects from the moment they subscribe to your list, you need to always pay attention to the actual subject lines that you use. Do your best to avoid generic subject lines, and instead focus on unique subjects for each email that relate to your niche topic. Here you need right database of emails that IM Emails has in its arsenal.

Who need IM Emails?

No matter which niche you’re involved with, you need to build a list if you want any kind of lasting income streams. One-time sales are great, but once someone has bought through your affiliate link, they’re gone forever and you’ll need to attract new prospects.

IM Emails Review - Logo

With lists, you can increase the profitability of your entire campaign while minimizing the cost of customer acquisition. Since you can focus on promoting to the SAME target audience consistently, you will be able to minimize the costs of advertising, significantly! Therefore IM Emails is the best option as it not only teaches how to do email marketing and also gives the actual set of successful emails to load into your autoresponder, but with the front end you will be getting only subject of these emails, you need to buy the upsell to get the email copy of all the eleven hundred subject lines which can be retrieved using the software they provide.

Also there is a good bonus which consists of 8 video training modules which reveals the best emails marketing strategies that help them make millions working online.

IM Emails Upsells

Upsell 1

1100 subject lines built into the software with a one click to view any email. With these you can copy their exact success, not only modeling the subject line but the email copy that has generated thousands for them..

Upsell 2

IM Funnels: This is one of their best products as it provides six completely done for your marketing funnels which consists of Squeeze pages, bonus reports, download pages, emails,and everything else you need to collect leads and making affiliate sales.

Upsell 3

In this you will get 10 additional funnels which includes four months of followup emails.

Upsell 4

This comes with re-seller rights for IM funnels products, that is a chance to get 100% commission on fourteen of their high converting funnels

Upsell 5

This is VIP training with an access to all of their product, software, plugins and training and monthly membership webinars.

Some of the up-sells are worth buying, personally I like the upsell 1 and 2 and I highly recommend as it makes your email marketing very easy. I hope I have given enough details about the product in this IM Emails review, If you are already into email marketing it is worth giving it a try, if you are a newbie then you can learn about it with the help of training modules and become a six figure marketer.

IM Emails Review – Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Affiliate Marketing Master Plan

Bonus 2: WP Squeeze Question Plugin

It is a clever way to generate leads and sales by putting simple questions to your visitors.

Bonus 3: 5 Day Fix


Thanks for reading my review I hope you liked it!

Overall score: 6.5/10

How To Make Money With Quora

How to make money with Quora

Today we are looking at a site that is somewhat similar to the very famous Yahoo Answers but yet so different in many ways. The site is called Quora and is becoming extremely popular for a variety of reasons. One main reason that this site has grown in popularity very quickly is that it gives people the ability to ask questions anonymously on any subject (within reason) and get answers from a wide range of people that are knowledgeable within the subject area. This means that anyone that has any amount of knowledge on a given subject can prove that they know what they are talking about by sharing their answers. Unlike Yahoo Answers, Quora doesn’t mind if the expert answering the question links to an external source, this is brilliant news if you have a website. In this article we take a look at generating traffic and how to make money with Quora.

What is Quora good for & Why Should You Try It?

The Quora website gets over 1.5 million visitors each and every month, now that’s a lot of people looking for answers on all sorts of things! The beauty of this site is that if you know a little more than the person asking the question, then you can have your say. By answering questions you can then direct that person to an external source, so long as you aren’t too spammy! The more questions that you answer the more traffic you can generate. This is very good news if you are a website owner or online marketer as we all know that laser targeted traffic like this equals revenue.

If you don’t already have a website, you can get one for free and start using Quora to drive traffic in any niche that you choose. This is a quick, easy and free way to start making money online. Take a look at our quick start guide to learn how to set up a free website within minutes.

How To Use Quora

To use Quora you simply need to go get yourself an account and sign up. As you progress through the sign up process you will be asked about what you know and will be able to build yourself a profile page. The profile page is especially important if you would like to drive traffic to your website. Your profile should say briefly what you are knowledgeable about, but most importantly you should provide a link to your website.

Here is my Quora profile.

You can visit my Quora profile here.

A Quick Video On How Quora Works

Driving traffic and how to make money with Quora

The Quora website gets tons on people looking for answers within almost any niche that you can think of every day. This is really targeted traffic if you can direct it to one of your offers. If you already have a website, be it a free site or not, you will already know that traffic is the key to making money online. Quora is just one way of directing real people that are interested in what you have to say onto your website.

The process is really simple. Answer questions as well as you possibly can within your niche, making sure that you come across as somebody that is both friendly and knows what they are taking about. Then you either provide a link to an external resource (usually your website) or leave the person to view your profile page, where there will also be a link back to your website. Obviously, the more questions that you can answer, the more exposure you will get. Some online marketers have reported great success using this site and answering just a few questions a week.

Quora is excellent as a way of:

  • Driving targeted traffic to your website
  • Getting exposure to your products
  • Making a name for yourself or your brand
  • Sharing content from within your website
  • Getting ideas for future posts for your site
  • Finding new people to work with

Targeted traffic like the kind found on Quora is perfect for increasing the online presence of an already established website and making money online as an affiliate marketer. For anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money to start an online business, driving traffic from Quora to a free website could potentially be very profitable.

Viddyoze 3.0 Review & Mega Bonus!

Welcome to SamsPreviews and our Viddyoze 3.0 review!

Viddyoze 3.0 Review

Viddyoze 3.0 Is Here! And We Have Something Really Special For You…

Viddyoze 3.0 Review and bonus offer. Get our amazing Viddyoze 3.0 bonus right here!

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Viddyoze 3.0! You’ve already seen a quick preview of what Viddyoze 3.0 can do in the video above. But right here on this page we are going to take you inside the members area so that you can see just how powerful this product really is.

And in case you missed the title of this page, we’ll also be giving you a fantastic high quality bonus package to accompany the Viddyoze 3.0 software! So let’s get started…

Viddyoze 3.0 Review – What Is It And How Much Does It Cost?

  • Product: Viddyoze 3.0
  • Official Website: Click Here To Access The Official Viddyoze 3.0 Website (Bonus Included) – Sorry Link is now closed!
  • Product Type: Video Creation Software
  • Price: $47 (Personal Account) Or $67 (Commercial Account)
  • Recommended? Yes (This software is one of the best)
  • Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Viddyoze 3.0 is the latest version of an amazing piece of video creation software, designed for online marketers and entrepreneurs. The software creates breathtaking videos in a matter of minutes that can be used for personal or commercial use. Video creation used to take a long time, but not with this! You simply choose a template, add text or your own logo and hit render. The results are quite staggering!

Viddyoze 3.0 software - inside the members area.

And if you want to create videos on the go, your in luck! Viddyoze 3.0 is hosted online, so there’s nothing to download. You can put a video together in record time, from any device in any location, so long as you have internet access!

Viddyoze 3.0 Review and bonus offer. Click here for more information.

Viddyoze 3.0 Review – Just How Easy Can It Be?

If you are at all concerned that creating stunning videos might be complicated, let me show you how easy this software really is! The entire creation process is done with just a few simple steps…

Choose your design from an online gallery of hundreds of pre-designed templates.

Add text or a logo to personalize your video…

Preview your video and add some audio…

Sit back and let Viddyoze 3.0 create your masterpiece…

Viddyoze 3.0 demo.

What Will You Create With Viddyoze 3.0?

This video creation software is designed to suite so many purposes. No matter if you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, YouTuber or simply an entrepreneur, Viddyoze has you covered. The online software is capable of making professional grade videos that fit any niche. Viddyoze 3.0 has evolved into something incredible and has features that surpass even the most highly respected software on the market.

Our Viddyoze 3.0 Bonus Offer!

No doubt you can see the real potential of this software. But what if we were to give you even more? During the launch of Viddyoze 3.0 we are going to be offering you a fantastic bonus. If you buy Viddyoze 3.0 through the link that we provide at the bottom of this page, you are going to get access to everything listed below.

Lets take a look at what you are going to get…

Viddyoze 3.0 Bonus 1

BONUS 1: Want to use the video that you create on YouTube? If so, you are going to love this bonus. This complete training course gives you real life examples of how you can make money with a successful YouTube channel. Learn how to build your reputation and subscribers FAST! More importantly you’ll discover the key to success and wealth with YouTube. Normally building a YouTube channel would take a long time, but when combined with Viddyoze 3.0, things are going to be very different!

Viddyoze 3.0 Bonus 2

BONUS 2: This bonus gives you access to a complete video training course that teaches you how to make money online with video as an affiliate marketer. The complete training course consists of 16 high quality training videos set out into easy to understand modules. Although this course is priced at $97, you get it for free with Viddyoze 3.0. Learn how to generate traffic and buying customers for maximum profit within your affiliate offers.

Viddyoze 3.0 Bonus - Complete video training course.

BONUS 3: Our third bonus (free with Viddyoze 3.0) is called Lazy Profit Explosion. Again this bonus is all about making money with the power of video. In this video training course you will learn how to automate your income with the power of video and affiliate marketing. This is a 4 part training course with clear step by step, over the shoulder training that will take your earning potential to the next level.

Viddyoze 3.0 Bonus 3

Viddyoze 3.0 Review – What You Need To Know!

Viddyoze 3.0 is going to be a real game changer for so many people. No matter if you want to set up in business and create amazing videos for clients or you want to use them for yourself, this software is going to make the process very easy. But there is one slight catch to Viddyoze 3.0! Unfortunately, this software is only available for a limited time. Yeah, I know… You’ve heard it all before right? Well, Viddyoze really is very limited.

UPDATE: Closing Date Friday 4th May 2018

Just like the previous 2 releases of Viddyoze, the doors will be closed as soon as the membership is filled. The creators of this software have produced a masterpiece and they like to offer fantastic customer service. But in order to keep everyone happy, the membership has to be limited. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of resources to look after the 80,000+ members!

So if you would like to try Viddyoze 3.0, you had better get it whilst its still available! Just click the link below to see a full demo of this amazing video software. You’ll also be able to join the membership and get full access to our Viddyoze 3.0 bonus.

Build Your Online Business On A Zero Budget Reviews

Build Your Online Business On A Zero Budget Review

Build Your Business On A Zero Budget Review – Why Should You Get It?


I usually get a question from my friends and website visitors “ How do I build an online store”.
Learning how to buy an online store from scratch can be a hard task. I know how it feels as I was once in your shoes just a few weeks ago.
I wanted to build an online store to kick start a business with the dream of growing it into passive income. But when it came down to actually getting the ball rolling, I had absolutely no clue where to get started.
Fortunately, I had the chance to learn a course called BUILD YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS FOR FREE. I must say that thank GOD for giving it to me. It helps me solve all the problem with building an online business.
If you feel this training course great and want to buy it now, But if you want to know more about it before you decide, see my Build Your Online Business For Free Review carefully now!

Build Your Online Business For Free Review – Overview

1. Homepage: Build Your Online Business For Free Official Site
2. Product Name: Build Your Online Business For Free
3. Type of product: Training course
4. Author: Stella Mikraki
5. Target niche: Website Making, Online store
6. Official Price: $77 – $127
7. Bonuses: Bonuses from my site
8. Recommended: Highly recommended
9. Skill Level Needed: All Levels
10. Support: Effective Response

What Is Build Your Online Business For Free?

After I have used for Build Your Online Business For Free over few weeks, I think this is the best training for everyone who wants to make money online by website banner. But whenever you want to buy a thing, you must know what it is. Let me do that for you now.
Build Your Online Business For Free is a blueprint for building an online business from scratch using free web tools only.
This course will teach the aspiring entrepreneur through making a website, landing pages, a sale funnel and even marketing materials with online tools that are free to use.
About the author of this course, Stella Mikraki, she is an internet marketing expert, former management consultant, who helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and bloggers succeed online. Therefore, she knows the problems when people start an online business. She has made Build Your Online Business For Free training course for everyone to use and get out of those problems quickly.

What are the benefits of Build Your Online Business For Free?

I want to tell you some benefits of this course which I just list as the most outstanding.
→ All the free to use tools for making a website, landing pages will be shown for you. Thus, you don’t have to buy any other tool to help you create website. Which also means you can save time and money.
→This course includes video tutorials, step by step training, pdf notes and checklists.
→Earn higher profit with your existing website with many precious things about website that you don’t know!

How does Build Your Online Business For Free Work?

You don’t have to worry about how to learn the training. This is a training video, so you just watch and follow all the things mentioned in the video.
Honestly, I spent about nearly a week to learn all the training and now I master in making websites and landing pages. I hope that you can learn this training in a very short time.

Why should you get Build Your Online Business For Free Now?

Since I have used all the things that I learned from the training, I don’t have to sit in front of the computer screen all day to design the website anymore. It was time- consuming and I could spend my spare time going out with my family and friends. Of course, the money was still running into my account.
So I recommend you to get this course now. I believe this product will become your wise investments.


In short, thanks for reading my Build Your Online Business For Free Review. I wish you have a nice day and see you in my next reviews! Notice: I want to give you free bonuses if you buy this course from my site.

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 Review

Welcome to my Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 Review. You have no doubt seen an online promotion, advertising this product or like me, perhaps you simply stumbled upon it and were intrigued as to what it was all about. I have been working online for many years now and have seen many scams come and go. But I am always interested when someone says they have a method that allows you to make money online, using a “secret” traffic source. And here we have a prime example of just that! Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 claims to be able to show you how to make money online via affiliate marketing. It claims that the method involves using a secret traffic source to make sales, but does not require you to own a website, do any sort of SEO, write articles, do any social media marketing, YouTube video’s, in fact none of the usual stuff! So what is Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0? I needed to investigate!

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 Review – The Official Site

So I found this product on the “official site”, if you can call it that. The site is called Source Digest Blog (dot com) and Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 is their top recommendation. There is no wonder that this product is their no.1 choice as it was created by the owner of the site, who goes by the name of “Nate”.

My first impressions of this website were not great to be honest. The website is extremely basic, with the majority of the site simply made up of text on a dark black background. On saying that, there are what appears to be a lot of product reviews on the site and the text appears to have been written by a human and not produced by some auto-blogging software. However, I did get a little suspicious when I started looking through the reviews and realized that none of them actually have any specific information about the topic or product that they were supposed to be about.

All of the reviews that I looked at within the “Source Digest Blog” all pointed to the no.1 recommendation. Nothing wrong with that, lots of sites give recommendations to really good quality products, if it will help the reader. We do the same thing here on our site.

However, on visiting the Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 sales page I began to get a little bit suspicious again! There is no attempt here to make the sales page look fancy in any way. Sometimes this is a good thing, but here it just gave me the impression that the creator of this website couldn’t really be bothered. But I was still intrigued as to what Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 was all about and what the secret traffic source really was. On reading through the comments within the sales page I started to notice a pattern. There were several comments that sounded very similar and had the same kind of wording. Looking at this site made me more suspicious the further I went.

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 Review – Here are the results of my findings!

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 creator Nate - Just a stock image!The official sales site had me feeling a little suspicious as I said so I decided to do a bit of research with what I could find on the site. Firstly, the image of the creator “Nate” is a fake image. Well, the image is actually just a stock image photo. To be completely honest, this practice isn’t unusual. Some people don’t like to use their own photo on the web and so opt for using a stock image.

However… Some of the images seen on this website have also been taken from other sources too. This doesn’t fill me with confidence, but never the less we will take a look at the product itself and discover the secret traffic source!

Stock images of Nate!

What Is Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0? – What Is The Traffic Source?

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 is simply an eBook. Priced at $14.92, this makes quite a tempting download for anyone wanting a quick way to make money online. So what’s inside, and what’s the big secret? Well the eBook starts with some really very standard information on setting up affiliate accounts with the likes of Clickbank. Standard stuff, but I guess it has to be included for anyone that is just starting out. Moving on, we learn that the big traffic secret is actually using question and answer sites, like Quora to drive traffic.

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 – How It Works

The idea is that you visit certain websites where people are looking for the answers to questions. On answering the question you give a link for further information and drive that person to an affiliate link. Most people are familiar with Yahoo Answers. But not so many people are aware of the fact that there are actually lots more question and answer sites on the web. The idea of driving traffic from these sites is not new. In fact there are lots and lots of people on these sites every day, trying to do just the same thing. To a certain degree, this system does work, however there is a slight drawback.

Although you are told that you wouldn’t need to write any articles or own a website in order to make this system work, you do still need to produce landing pages! You see, these question and answer sites do not allow affiliate links. The way that Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 gets around this is by telling you to create landing pages, created in the free “blogger” blogging platform.

Is Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 a scam?

So, is Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 a scam? Well, in actual fact this system is not a scam. The way that the official site looks and is put together is not great to say the least. The comments on this site are without a doubt completely fake. The image of the creator as we said is also not the true identity of the person that created this site. Even the image of the check within the comments was taken from somewhere else.

Picture of a check taken from another site!

Image claiming to prove that this system works. Actually it was taken from YouTube!

Original image on Youtube!

Original source of the image, as seen on Youtube!

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 Review – Conclusion

In my opinion, I would not recommend this product. The methods in this eBook may get you the odd sale here and there, it is possible and that’s why I cannot call this a scam. However, these methods will be rather hit and miss to say the least. With a growing amount of people trying to drive traffic from the Q&A sites it’s highly likely that results this method will not last for long, if at all. And because you are having to create landing pages within Blogger, you also run the risk of being labelled a spammer and getting your account banned.

My conclusion is that you should probably stay away from this dodgy site! It’s been put together with the sole purpose of generating sales. Although not completely a scam, there are far better ways to start learning to make money online.

PixelModo Review And Mega Bonus Package!

If you own a website or do any kind of online marketing that requires images and graphics, then this is for you! Today I am pleased to announce the release of a fantastic piece of software called Pixelmodo. This is going to be huge for many of you!

Pixelmodo review - A brief overview.

Pixelmodo is a cloud based software application that allows anyone of any ability to create stunning images, graphics and logos for use in their websites, social media campaigns or online advertising. What makes this software different is that its so simple to use at a really great price!

To celebrate the launch of Pixelmodo we are going to take you inside the members area and show you the software in action. If you like what you see, you can also take advantage of the special launch discount and our mega bonus offer!

Welcome to our Pixelmodo review…

Pixelmodo Review – A Brief Overview

Pixelmodo Review

Update: This software will normally be sold on a monthly membership basis. However, during the launch period the software will be available for a fixed price. The normal price will be $47 per month, but you can get unlimited access for $29 (no monthly fee!). This price is subject to change on the official website.

  • Product Name: Pixelmodo
  • Official Website: Click Here To Access The Official Site (This link includes access to discounts and bonus offers).
  • Product Type: Graphic & Image Design Software
  • Software Type: Cloud Based
  • Price: $29 For Unlimited Access (during launch) Normally $47 per month.
  • Bonus Included: Yes – Get Full Access To Our Bonus Vault (more details below).
  • Money Back Guarantee? Yes – Full 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Recommended? Yes
  • Rating:

Pixelmodo Review – What Makes This Software So Great?

This software has been designed with the user and their needs in mind. If you have a website, social media accounts or do any sort of online marketing, then you will no doubt have needed some quick graphics at some point.

Pixelmodo gives you access to thousands of backgrounds, images and graphics and uses a really simple “drag and drop” system that makes the process really simple.

Pixelmodo software in action.

Choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates that you can edit in seconds…

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The simple drag and drop system lets you add text or graphics, change colors, resize and lots of other cool effects!

The Pixelmodo interface.

What Will You Create With Pixelmodo?

This software is great for creating fast images and graphics for websites and social media, but there are so many other uses too. Since the software gives you access to thousands of images and templates, the possibilities are endless.

Create icons and memes.

Create icons and prints.

Create banners, ads and graphics.

The softweare is faster and better than others.

See A Full Demo Of The Software In Action

Click the link below to see a full demo of the software…

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Pixelmodo Review – What’s Included In The Membership?

Not only does this software allow you to create fast and easy graphics for all kinds of purposes, it gives you way more! The Pixelmodo website gives you access to lots of other features and benefits that will help you grow your online business.

After the launch this will be sold as a monthly membership, but right now you get unlimited access to everything listed below for just $29 (one time fee). Not only that, you also get access to our growing bonus vault here at SamsPreviews as well!

Whats included with Pixelmodo?

Get access to Pixelmodo.

Get A Huge Extra Bonus From Us At SamsPreviews!!

To say thank you for using the SamsPreviews website we would like to give you an extra bonus package with Pixelmodo! Right now we are in the process of expanding what we call our bonus vault.

Here at SamsPreviews, we like to offer our visitors the best service and the best deals possible. That’s why we give all of our customers full access to our growing bonus vault. This section of the SamsPreviews website is only available through a special link that will be available to you after you have purchased Pixelmodo.

Here is just a small sample of what you get inside the SamsPreviews bonus vault…

A small selection of Pixelmodo bonus material.

Take Pixelmodo For A Test-Drive!

In my opinion this is one of the very best software applications that I have seen in a long time. The process of creating good graphics is essential for any online marketer these days, yet it can be such a difficult task. Producing good quality graphics, images, icons, logos and info graphics can be such a pain! And it can be extremely expensive. Pixelmodo has solved so many problems for the average internet marketer!

You can take Pixelmodo for a test-drive right now. Not only does this software come with fantastic bonus material from ourselves and the creators of this software, it also comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

100% guaranteed money back

Get Started With Pixelmodo Right Now!

Just click one of the the links below to get started with Pixelmodo. You’ll get a discount launch price and all of the bonuses mentioned above.


ProfitPad Review – Plus EXCLUSIVE BONUSES

ProfitPad Review


Hi folks it’s Sam here from SamsPreviews dot com here with my review of ProfitPad which Launches on the 2nd of October at 9 00 a.m Eastern Standard Time.

In this review, I’m going to go through this new release from James Fawcett who some of you will know is one of my mentors, I’m a member of his breakout Academy which is an excellent program I have to say. But it’s very rare that James releases low-ticket affiliate products these days, this is only about the second one in the space of a year I think he’s done a couple of reissues of some of his previous products but in terms of brand new this is only about the second one in a year.

ProfitPad Review – Overview

  • Vendor:
James Fawcett
  • Product:
  • Launch Date:
  • Launch Time:
09:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price:
Only $17
  • Sales Page:
Click Here!
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend

What Is ProfitPad All About?

ProfitPad is a virtually unknown, brand new method with full step-by-step training, the last method that you’ll ever need, you can access the exact method where James got the fastest results he’s ever seen and you can rinse and repeat on demand. It’s set and forget autopilot affiliate commission system and as I said you get a 100 day money back guarantee if you don’t see results.

The Man Behind of ProfitPad

the vendor James Fawcett

The vendor: James Fawcett

The vendor is James Fawcett, he only really brings stuff out when it when he’s got something new to add to the market something new to say and he’s created this new system ProfitPad today as it says he revealed his breakthrough money page commission system that regenerates his income day after day without fail and it is a system that is built around single money pages that you will create using the provided software inside ProfitPad.

ProfitPad Review – Inside The ProfitPad Member Area

Now it comes with very comprehensive training are both a separate training section as well as the training that comes with the software itself.

So a lot of you will have bought softwares where the training is very basic, you get access to there are just a couple of training videos and that’s pretty much and it can be difficult to follow sometimes – a lot of the time because the software is actually rubbish as well but that’s another story.

With ProfitPAD, the actual training from a software developer inside the software. I’ll show you all this ProfitPAD Review obviously in a minute, you’ve also got step-by-step walkthrough training from James himself so you can’t get into any difficulty with being able to follow it.

I don’t promote very many softwares these days but because this one has got such a strong training program behind it you know I’m more than happy to recommend ProfitPad bonuses which you can only get if you pick up a copy from my affiliate link by clicking on the link below this bring you through to the salespage.

We will have a look at the sales page, ProfitPad revealed our breakthrough money page commission system that regenerates our income day after day without fail, it’s making us 1866 daily passively here’s how you can replicate our success within 20 minutes.

There’s a sales video there which is also on my bonus page: fast news results you’ve ever seen, newbies getting instant results, multiple commission income streams from in-built converting money Pages, done for you autopilot sales from 100 plus new buyer traffic sources, zero Tech skills needed, all inclusive zero budget required, experience Freedom, working flawlessly in 2022 and Beyond, a hundred day money back guarantee and get results or get paid three hundred dollars providing you followed the instructions.

As I said we’ll have a look at the upsells we’ll also have a look in the main training area. This two separate training areas to log into so you’ve got the actual main training area with James here and then you’ve got the software itself. And the software itself has also got a built-in training area from the software developer and that brings you over to the overview from the developer. So you’ve got everything that you can possibly need so let’s go now and have a look at my bonuses by clicking on the link underneath.

ProfitPad Review – The Bonus

So what am I going to throw in if you pick this up from my link first I’m going to throw in six Super solo ads so what is a Super Solo Ad: it’s an ad that you can send out to all of the members across my own 25 websites in the make money online Niche, now there are over 30 000 members across these 25 sites and you can send an email ad to them not once but six times; all you have to do is send the subject line the message that you want to send to them and the URL now you could easily use this in conjunction with ProfitPad because once you’ve gone through the system and actually created the pages then all you need to do is to create a solo ad and then send traffic to them through The six Solo ads system. This is something as I said you won’t get it anywhere else and it’s an additional traffic Source over and above the traffic that you’re already going to be getting from inside the ProfitPad system.
I strongly recommend that if you’re interested at all in ProfitPad that you do go ahead and buy it from my link, you can take advantage of this additional built-in free traffic to over 30 000 users.

Next, I’m going to give you another one of James’s best-selling products INFusion 2.0 and one of Jono Armstrong’s who’s also one of my mentors as it happens products that he launched with uh Shubham: this is Lazy Traffic Sniper how you can find and monetize free buyer traffic. I also going to throw in a great release from the Digital Dames that is Paula Marie and Nanda Brown they’re not actually operating as a pairing anymore which is a shame because they’ve brought out some great products: Maeve shows you how you can get traffic on tap at your fingertips. Method X is another one of the flagship bestsellers from James Fawcett and his business partner Mark Barrett. It’s not available if you buy directly from James himself only if you buy it from me.

Octagon: another one of Jono’s products that allows you to clone all of his top promos and ProfitForce will show you how you can earn 334 dollars every 23 seconds and finally one more of James Fawcett and Mark Barrett’s products: The BreakoutCode 2.0 and How to make money with Crypto.

There are plenty of stuff there folks for you again only available if you pick this up from my link you will of course get their bonuses as well.

ProfitPad Review – Evaluation and Price

I just really wanted to show you the additional bonuses that you’re going to get from the vendor which are down here so first: 10 DFY ProfitPad Converting Funnels, Endgame Super Affiliate Reseller Approval this is reseller rights that James is giving you to one of his products endgame and a commission bump on this so you’ll get hundred percent commissions, Our Buyer Traffic Rolodex, 3 Day ProfitPad Cash Converting Campaign Series.

We’ll also have a look at the upsells that come with this, the price is 16.95 for the front end but I can tell you that if you move your cursor up as if you’re gonna leave the page I’ve already done it so it won’t do it a second time but you will see a five dollar drop-down discount coupon. So if you just move your cursor up as if you’re going to leave the page then that drop down coupon will appear and you can get yourself a five dollar discount which obviously then will reduce the price to just 11.95.

The Front End – ProfitPad: $16.97
The Upgrade 1 – Unlimited: $47
Upgrade 2 – Auto-pilot: $67
Upgrade 3 – DFY Package: $197
Upgrade 4 – Agency: $67
Upgrade 5 – Unlimited Traffic: $197
Upgrade 6 – Super Affiliate Reseller Bundle: $147
So it’s a very strong funnel do pick up what you can afford to because it’s all good stuff there!

This an SamsPreviews a star rating of five out of five because it really is an exceptionally strong product.

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