Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review

Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review

Welcome to my Recurring Profit Machine V2 review where I’ll show you what this system is all about, what the upsells are and how this system helps you in bringing recurring affiliate commissions

In this Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review,  I am going to explain everything that is needed to help in making an informed decision. Mr. Khondoker,  who has created this system has vast experience as an online marketer for over 6 years.  Recurring Profit Machine V2 is the outcome of all the experience and effort he has put to succeed as a marketer.  It is not just a theory,  what is taught inside is a practical method which is bringing consistent affiliate commissions for him.

This method could be a turning point for not only the existing marketers who are struggling but also a game changer for newbies as well.

Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review

Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review

Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review – Overview

  • Vendor:
  • Product:
Recurring Profit Machine V2
  • Launch Date:
  • Launch Time:
10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price:
Only $10
  • Sales Page:
Click Here!
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend

What is Recurring Profit Machine V2?

Recurring Profit Machine V2 is a step by step and complete training system, it is the same system that is banking $100 to $200 per day for just around 20 minutes of work.  It is a tried and tested method by Khondoker that guarantees recurring commission day in and day out whoever follows him along what he taught inside the course.

The best thing about this system is, it is an improved version of Recurring Profit Machine version-1 and it comes with two additional done for you funnels (i) DFY Solo profit funnel (ii) Internet marketing jump start funnel. You will get these funnels with complete set up instructions and also with fully functional and ready to go DFY setup when you purchase this course.

The key points of the training:

  • How to scale your income past hundreds per day without spending hours and hours or slaving at the computer.  Since it is a recurring income method you will work less and gain more from the efforts you put into the system.
  • How to get continuous flow of traffic to your offers and make passive commissions.
  • The automation tools or software needed to make your life easy without much effort, this makes more money even while you sleep or on vacation.
  • Don’t get intimidated by the technicality in implementing the system as it is completely done for you and everything is very easy to setup.
  • Even if you don’t have any prior online experience, one can easily start implementing the method in a day or two and try to get a $100 per day recurring income as fast as they can imagine.

As mentioned above, it is a different course when compared to all other training course out there as it comes with actual DFY funnel to implement the training as soon as possible.

I have seen many online marketing courses out there, but this one is a real gem as it is not leaving the buyer just teaching the method, it is giving all the tools required to actually implement the method. So action takers will surely get results.

Upsell 1 of Recurring Profit Machine V2

It contains wordpress version of done for your setup along with setup instructions.  It also comes with 9 free traffic methods and a case study to implement the traffic sources to drive traffic to the funnel.

Upsell 2 of Recurring Profit Machine V2

When you build a list you need to have pre written emails loaded into your autoresponder so that you can build trust and authority in the minds of your customer.  So, you are getting four groups of 49 ready made emails written especially in the IM niche which builds trust and sales on autopilot.  You will also get PLR rights to six of these in pdf version also to utilise them as your own and give away as free reports to your customers.

Upsell 3 of Recurring Profit Machine V2

A highly successful facebook ads method using video views to get targeted leads to your DFY funnel to make recurring commissions.  You will also get the exact video the author uses to get clear cut idea about the fb ad method.

What about bonus that help you bring even more success?

Bonus 1: Affiliate Marketing Master Plan

There are tactics that have worked before with online marketing and is continuing to work in the online affiliate marketing world of today. With these top three marketing tips, you will be able to able to increase your sales and survive in the affiliate marketing online.

Bonus 2: Finding the Best Affiliate Products to Promote

Where do you look for products to start promoting? Once you have the first question out of the way, the next one is to start looking around for products to promote. This is really not as easy as many people say it is and requires a lot of effort. There are not too many places where you can look for products and most of them are known.

Bonus 3: 14 Internet Marketing Emails

This perfectly compliments the upsell-2 of Recurring Profit Machine V2 as you are getting additional set of emails. This is superbly written and best collect of IM emails which you can use in your email marketing to promote various product and get more sales.

Bonus 4:  WP Swift Page Plugin

It instantly increases the speed of your wordpress site and reduces the bournse rate by maintaining the visitors to stay longer on your website.

Bonus 5: WP Squeeze Question Pluign

It cleverly grabs the visitor’s emails by asking simple questions there by increasing conversions and more leads to your marketing funnel and sales.

I hope I have given enough details in this Recurring Profit Machine Review to help you decide whether to go for it.

If you want to give it a try and grab my bonuses, you can get it through the official website here:

Click HERE To Get The Tube Funnel Together With All the Bonuses Above That Help You Enhance Your Marketing Efforts!

Thank you so much for reading this long, I hope you enjoyed it.

If you have any questions feel free to contract me at rkpanchakarla (at) or leave a comment below.

…Sam Robinson

Overall score: 8.5

The Tube Funnel Review

The Tube Funnel Review

The Tube Funnel Review

Welcome to The Tube Funnel Review to learn how to make daily commissions easily by sending targetted traffic from Youtube to a high converting funnel.


In The Tube Funnel Review, you will be learning what this product is all about created by Mark Wightley and Cheryl and how The Tube Funnel will benefit you in making some decent affiliate commissions to avoid 9 to 5 rat race.

The guy who created this method along with Cheryl is a full-time internet marketer and making a nice living online using the same system which is tried and tested but not a loophole or push button method as claimed by him.

The Tube Funnel Review – Overview

  • Vendor:
Mark Wightley et al
  • Product:
The Tube Funnel
  • Launch Date:
  • Launch Time:
9:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price:
Only $7
  • Sales Page:
Click Here!
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend

What Is The Tube Funnel?

Inside the member’s area, you will find a pdf module which shows 3 different methods of getting traffic from youtube.

  1. How to rank videos for a particular keyword.
  2. How to rank a relevant video to already popular and established videos, you can see that many videos on YouTube are getting thousands of views every day. Therefore an alternative to ranking videos is to legally steal their traffic.
  3. Finally how to create a high converting youtube video ads which get cheap clicks.

In the member’s are you will also find a checklist and mp3 audio to help you do the above tasks easily. It not only just teaches you how to get traffic but also shows how to create a funnel that converts well and brings a lot of subscribers and sales.

They are also giving access to their private Facebook group to help you in case there is any problem in implementing the methods given in the modules.

The product is going live at 9 AM EST on 11th May, so whoever acts fast they can get the offer at the lowest price.

Recently it has become hard for the marketers to get traffic without spending money on paid traffic methods. Here Youtube comes to your rescue. Once you know the method on how to rank a youtube video for a low to the medium competitive keyword, the same can be repeated for every video you create which brings organic traffic for years to come.

The Tube Funnel Feature Details

I hope The Tube Funnel Review will be helpful in making a decision. My sincere advice is that whatever the products you buy or invest your hard earned money, please do take action and try to implement what you have learned on a consistent basis to see results and achieve success.

Upsell 1 of The Tube Funnel contains video modules which explain the whole system, two additional traffic methods, and advanced email marketing training

Upsell 2 of The Tube Funnel contains Done for You copy paste campaigns, landing pages, thank you page and a full set up training videos and a one hour one to one strategy session and more.

Downsell of The Tube Funnel it includes only 4 copy paste campaigns and full setup training videos and advanced training on increasing deliverability and profits.

The Tube Funnel Bonuses


Youtube Channel for Dummies: Why youtube and Video marketing, how to create a youtube channel, how to create channel art and how to optimize youtube video revealed in this course.

Youtube Ads Excellence: Learn how to create youtube ads, creating your first campaign, advanced techniques and more.

Wp Easy Optin Plugin: An easy way to create a squeeze page and an upsell to your blog

Tubrr training: How to use the youtube video to promote various CPA and affiliate offers and earn passive income while you sleep.

Wp Video Attention Plugin: This displays the video to any corner of the blog page and the visitor will be able to see the video while scrolling down the page which brings out more attention to the video.

Tube CPA Loophole: The easiest way to make CPA commission with simple youtube videos, choosing right offers, keyword research and the best way to create videos etc.,

Wp Squeeze Question: The very useful plugin that generates leads by asking simple questions to visitors, as it interacts with visitors cleverly the chances of converting a visitor into subscriber is more.

Click HERE To Get The Tube Funnel Together With All the Bonuses Above That Help You Enhance Your Marketing Efforts!

Have a wonderful day,

Sam (Any questions? Contact me here! samspreviews@gmail[.]com)

Backlink Rhino Review

Backlink Rhino Review

Introducing Our Brand New White Hat SEO SaaS that Works Long Term – Hijack Wiki Backlinks for your own use



People usually say that content is the one and only thing that makes your site rank first. As long as you have good content, you will always be on top. Well, things won’t work that way.

Since I worked in this industry, I figured out that content is not the only thing that makes us successful. If you do not how to do SEO, then your content cannot save you from ranking so low. SEO is the one thing that makes your site rank high.

To put it simply, SEO is the thing that encourages people to read your content. No matter how good your content is, if you do not do SEO well enough, nobody will find out your content and read them.

To be able to do that, you need to know about backlink. High-quality backlink gives you an access to a higher ranking. And it must be high-quality backlink, not the ones that you can buy with some dollars.

Backlink Rhino is the product that helps you do so. It is a giant backlink that can boost your site’s ranking on Google.

Want to find out more? Read the following part of the Backlink Rhino Review and figure out.

Backlink Rhino Review – Overview

  • Vendor:
Matt Garrett
  • Product:
Backlink Rhino
  • Launch Date:
  • Launch Time:
11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price:
Only $47
  • Sales Page:
Click Here!
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend

What Is Backlink Rhino?

Backlink Rhino is a high-quality backlink SaaS software that can search for you powerful backlink opportunities. We always know that Google prioritizes Wiki, so Backlink Rhino will get you backlink from Wiki and you can rank high with your sites.

Backlink Rhino will search for Wiki pages in which the domain has already expired and then reregistered with just a few dollars as a usual domain. Usually you will get this kind of service from SEO companies who will charge you up to $100 for one backlink. Now with this product, you can find as many backlinks as you’d like.

About Author

Matt Garret is the man who has made Backlink Rhino. He has been successful in the industry for a long time ago where he is known as a talented and dedicated product creators.

Now let’s move on the next part of the Backlink Rhino Review to find out what it can do specifically.

Feature Details

Backlink Rhino is able to search a dead Wiki link for you so that you can reregister for your site. It will only take some simple steps to do that.

I have seen a lot of sites that have only a few posts, a few high-quality backlinks but always rank on top. It’s the whole idea of Backlink Rhino.

Digging into Wiki and find a dead relevant link is not simple, especially when you do it on your own. Now with Backlink Rhino, just add the keyword and you can have a Wiki link for yourself. It’s that simple.

How Does It Work?

With the keyword, you can search for citation and dead links with Backlink Rhino.

  • Step 1: Add the keywords to Search bar and click search
  • Step 2: search for the Wiki link to use for your campaign
  • Step 3: Register and point the link to your website

Now with just a few simple steps, you have already got a powerful backlink without costing a fortune. In doing so, you get an indirect backlink for your site.

It will work better if you choose the citation search. This, however, needs more work. You have to create an article that is much relevant and then verify it as citation for Wiki. Then you get a direct backlink.

Who Should Use It?

This product is particularly suitable for those who have been involving in the niche for a while. Newbies may not be able to use the product effectively.

User experience

To start with, Backlink Rhino is an amazing product because you alone cannot find a dead link on Wiki. No matter how hard you search on the Internet and click on thousands of links to Wiki, chances of finding a dead one is pretty low. If you hire someone to do that for you, you have to pay a hundred buck for it.

However, with Backlink Rhino, you can get a lifetime access to the link with just $47. How economical it is!

However, there is one thing I should not forget to tell you. This product is not for beginners. Yes, you have read it right. If you are a newbie, then you should try some other methods. However, if you have spent some times in the industry, Backlink Rhino is your best tool to rank high on Google.

My last words in this Backlink Rhino Review are that if you are searching for a method that helps you rank high without costing so much, Backlink Rhino is your best choice. Grab it and enjoy the benefits.

Backlink Rhino Review – Evaluation and Price

In conclusion, Backlink Rhino is a perfect solution for those who are trying in vain to get high ranking. It offers a solution that costs you very little and gets huge benefits in return.

Click here to buy it: SALES PAGE!


With just $47, your site will always rank first on the search engine with the help of Backlink Rhino. Thanks for reading my Backlink Rhino Review and I hope it is useful to you. I wish you all the best!

Profit Mate Review

Today we are looking a product called Profit Mate, created by Brendan Mace. If you have been searching for a genuine review of this product, you just found it! We are about to buy and test this software personally. Check out what we found below…


What Is Profit Mate And How Does It Work?

Profit Mate is an online software app designed to help people to make money online. The creators of this product say that this is a complete business solution, where anyone at any skill level can easily make an income online.

In fact, the official page claims that you can start earning with just 3 clicks.

Profit Mate claims that their members area contains everything needed to run an online business and to make an income on the net. The software works by collecting targeted “leads” from the internet. Affiliate offers and promotions can then be sent to these leads, leading to sales and a healthy profit hopefully. But does Profit Mate really work?

We decided that the only way to see if Profit Mate could live up to the hype was to test it out. The results may surprise you!

Welcome To My Profit Mate Review!

If you have been looking into ways of making money online for any amount of time, then you will already know that “traffic” and “leads” are the key to success. Without traffic you have no sales, simple as that. Yet Profit Mate claims to solve this problem with ease.

On the official sales page for Profit Mate, there is a ton of hype making this product sound amazing. But one thing that really bothers me is when product creators claim that you can make money at the push of a button.

I have been reviewing products like this for quite a few years and I have yet to find a single product that allows you to start earning online with just a few clicks.

So what’s the truth behind Profit Mate? Does it really work? Lets find out what’s inside the members area.

Inside The Members Area

Inside the Profit Mate members area you will find a very simple layout. The idea of the software is to collect leads in the form of email addresses from the search results.

To start the software you simply enter a keyword into the search field. Profit Mate then starts to extract email addresses from websites based on the keyword that you provided.

When the software has finished collecting all the emails that it can find, you then have the ability to download the list.

I Found A Major Problem!

This is where things started to get a little bit worrying. You see, Profit Mate goes out and collects emails from the “contacts” section of websites under the keyword that you provided.

With this software the only emails that you are going to collect are those that are supposed to be used to contact a website owner for information or support. So as a result we got quite a lot of “info” and “support” email addresses. This process is known as email scraping and is a method that could get you into a lot of trouble by law if you don’t take care.

But that’s not all. Whilst testing this software I realized that there was one big major problem. Although the sales page claimed that this package contains everything that you need to make money, there was a big problem!

What do you do with the emails once you have collected them?

The sales page made it quite clear that nothing else was required to start earning. In fact, here’s a screenshot to prove it!

From the sales page I presumed that the software would collect the leads and then give you a way of contacting them legally. But no, the members area is totally lacking in any way to contact the leads that you have collected!

Going back to the Profit Mate sales page, it clearly states that you don’t need an email autoresponder. But surely this would be the only way to contact all those so called leads that the software collected?

But if we were to download the email addresses and then load them into an autoresponder, we would be breaking the law if we were to send them unsolicited emails.

Confused? We were not the only ones!

Check out this video review of Profit Mate from School Of Nomads. It seems that they are just as confused as we were.

Is Profit Mate By Brendan Mace A Scam?

I couldn’t possibly call Profit Mate a total scam as it actually does some of what it claims to do. The software does indeed go out and collect leads from the internet. But that is where this product ends. With no way of marketing to these leads, there is simply no way to make money.

On top on that, the leads that Profit Mate brings back are very low quality. Most of the people looking at this product will be interested in using it for affiliate marketing or maybe to bring more traffic into their own website. These leads wouldn’t help you even if there was a way to send email from the members area.

Profit Mate Review – Final Words

In my opinion this is yet another piece of software designed to make the process of making money online look really easy. The truth is, out of all the so called “push button” solutions that I have found, there isn’t a single one of them that works. This is certainly the case with Profit Mate.

This product is very misleading but hopefully you will have learned enough here to enable you to make an informed decision.

Looking for a better way to start an online business? Try this, its free to get started…

Traffic Ivy Review – My Experience With The Viral Traffic Network

Hi this is Sam from SamsPreviews and today I’m going to be testing Traffic Ivy by Cindy Donovan.

This platform sounds like a brilliant way for bloggers and site owners to increase their traffic levels and audience reach. The membership allows individuals to share their content with other members of the Traffic Ivy community who will in turn share your content on their own blogs and social media accounts.

Free traffic can be gained through Traffic Ivy by sharing other peoples content, or you can simply buy traffic with credits. Sounds like a great way to create some extra site visitors and maybe make a few extra sales?

Traffic Ivy certainly looks like it has huge potential. But can it deliver?


(Above) Traffic and affiliate sales as shown on the Traffic Ivy website.

We all know that traffic is the key to success when it comes to creating online content. But can Traffic Ivy really provide a steady stream of high quality, targeted traffic? Or is this all hype with no results? We are about to learn the truth…

This is my genuine account and experience of using this product. I hope you find the information on this page helpful. If you do find this review useful, please support us by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

Welcome To My Traffic Ivy Review!

At first glance the Traffic Ivy website looks professional and there are no immediate signs that this service is a scam in any way. Traffic Ivy is sold via Clickbank which is an online marketplace for affiliates as well as being a secure payment processor.

You can see my receipt above, just to prove that this is a totally genuine account of my experience.

We paid a total of $32.15 to get access to the membership. This included 10,000 traffic credits so that we can test the quality of traffic. I’ll tell you more about those credits shortly. We also had access to a discount coupon for $20 off. I’ll link it below if that discount is still available.

Click the image above to check for the discount. The coupon will appear at the bottom of the page if available. Simply click the coupon to apply it to your order.

About The Creator – Cindy Donovan

Traffic Ivy was created by Cindy Donovan and her team. Cindy is a well known internet marketer with plenty of experience in the field of traffic generation.

Cindy Donovan is a product creator and is responsible for many online marketing products as well as running her own blog, Wildfire Concepts also on the subject of internet marketing.

What Is Traffic Ivy And How Does It Work?

The Traffic Ivy website and training area are split into 3 areas. There is the traffic Ivy software, a profit funnel section and a training zone.

Traffic Ivy aims to simplify the one problem that most bloggers and website owners face. Targeted traffic is essential if you want to earn money from your blog. But getting free targeted traffic from the search engines can be time consuming and hard work. Paid traffic on the other hand can be extremely expensive. So can Traffic Ivy strike a happy balance between quality traffic and affordability?

Getting started with Traffic Ivy is apparently very simple. We have just 3 steps to follow in order to start generating some traffic. This sounds a little bit too good to be true, but there’s only one way to find out if this works…

Lets check out the members area and put this software to the test…

Problems Logging Into Traffic Ivy

The first thing that you need to do once you have your Traffic Ivy membership is to log into the members area. And this is where I discovered my first problem with the membership.

After logging in for the first time I had a look around the membership and then logged out for a while to do other things. After I returned I found that I couldn’t log back into the members area!

In fact, the option to log into the software was completely blank! You can see in the image below how the login screen is supposed to look on the left.

The image on the right is what I experienced after logging out for the first time. There was simply no way to log back into the software!

After a while I discovered an easy work-around for this glitch. I simply cleared my browsing data and was able to log back in normally. So if you have experienced this, try clearing your browsing data and then refreshing the page.

The Traffic Ivy Members Area

Once inside the members area we can see that everything appears to be pretty well organized. At the top left of the members area we see the available options for generating traffic. As well as stats for the entire community on the right side of the members area.

You can see at the time of writing my Traffic Ivy review, there are 5227 members, 625 blogs within the network and 1530 social media accounts. This sounds great and there certainly looks to be great potential for traffic generation here.

In the middle of the members area on the left hand side you will find the training area. Most of the training is done via video, so there isn’t a great deal to read and the process is actually very simple.

The tutorials are all hosted by the creator of this product herself, Cindy Donovan. The instructions are clear and the whole process is very easy to understand.

All appeared to be going well… But then I found another issue!

Unable To Complete Step 1!!

Traffic Ivy is all about sharing content on other people blogs and social accounts. You can earn points by sharing other peoples content on your social media accounts too. So the very first thing that Cindy suggest we do is to connect our social media accounts to the software.

And this is where I immediately ran another problem.

Connecting your social media accounts to this service seemed really easy in the tutorial. But when I tried to add my Facebook account I was presented with the following error!

(Above) Facebook Login Is Currently unavailable for this app!

I figured I would simply skip this step for now and move onto the traffic generation side of things. Perhaps this issue might get sorted in the next few days? In which case I will post an update.

Lets Start Generating Some Traffic!

Up until this point I had experienced a couple of issues but the main thing that we are all here for is the actual traffic. Can this software really deliver genuine targeted leads? Lets find out…

Generating traffic for your website or blog can be done in the traffic campaigns section of the site. To set up a new campaign you simply fill in the online form and let the software do the rest.

Setting up a campaign was very easy. You simply answer the questions that the system asks you. You can create quite a few different campaigns too, such as banner ads, social shares, blog shares and so on.

Once you have this set up you can then assign some traffic credits. You can purchase credits through the members area but our membership came with 10,000 credits. According to the official site 10,000 points will get you between 400 and 1000 shares. Pretty good right?

Assigning Traffic Ivy Credits

The idea here is that you choose how much someone gets paid (in credits) when they share your content. So lets say you want a certain page of your website sharing on other peoples Twitter accounts. You set up a Twitter campaign and assign a certain amount of credits that each person will get paid when they share your content.

In my case I decided that I would pay 50 credits each time someone shared my content on Twitter about learning affiliate marketing. I also set a maximum amount of credits to use on that campaign (2000). Take a look at the campaigns that I set up within my Traffic Ivy membership.

How Long Before We Start To See Results?

I have to admit that although I ran into a couple of glitches within the Traffic Ivy site, the process for setting up campaigns was very easy. But now the question is, how long before we start to see results?

After setting up the three campaigns that you see above I checked in the following day and found absolutely zero results! Yes, it was only one day but I wanted to give you as much detail as possible. If you are expecting instant results, don’t count on it!

I was hoping that the Traffic Ivy community would be pretty active, especially as the members area states that they have over 5000 members.

So perhaps we just need to give those campaigns a little time to get shared!

More Updates soon!

We are in the early stages of reviewing this product, so please check back in a few days for further updates as we test the quality of this traffic generating service.

UPDATE – 2 Days Later…

This is just a quick update to my Traffic Ivy review. so its 2 days later and I have just tried to log back into the members area. Once again I am faced with the Traffic Ivy logo and no way to actually log into the members area! The fields to enter your user name and password don’t show after you return to the members area.

To see if this was just a problem with one of my browsers I actually tried logging in with two different internet browsers. Unfortunately, I had the same experience with both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

I called this a glitch the other day when I started writing this review. Now I find this rather annoying! Logging in should be the most basic of things for any membership site. Hopefully Cindy Donovan will rectify this issue very soon.

What To Do If You Can’t Log Into Traffic Ivy

If you are having the same experience as me and are unable to log into the members area, you need to clear your cookies. Just clear your cookies within the history section of your internet browser, refresh the page and you will then be able to log in.

Traffic Ivy Review – Part 2

Now that we are finally logged in again we can take a look at our results from the last couple of days.

I have to admit that this is quite disappointing. After 2 days of having my first campaigns live on the website I only achieved 1 share. Did I gain any traffic or referrals as a result of this share? No, I’m afraid not!

Lets Try A Different Approach!

In my first test I tried to get shares on Twitter and Facebook for 50 points per share. The guidelines on the Traffic Ivy site don’t state how many you should offer in terms of points. So in my next test I will increase the amount of points offered in order to try and attract more shares.

3 More Campaigns To Test The Quality Of Traffic

I set up 3 more campaigns within Traffic Ivy. This time I have increased the amount of points that I am offering for shares of my content. Maybe I went a little bit too low the first time around. It’s difficult to know how many point per share to offer as there isn’t any guidance on it. This is something that you just have to play around with. It would be nice to see additional training on this in the future.

More Updates Coming Soon!

This is an ongoing review where we are genuinely testing the quality of traffic from the Traffic Ivy membership. Please check back soon for further updates.

Share Your Experience With Traffic Ivy

If you have used Traffic Ivy and would like to share your own experience, please do so here! Post your questions and comments at the bottom of this article. Sharing your experience really does help others to make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Thank you!

JVZoo Academy Review – Discount and Bonus Offer

Welcome to SamsPreviews! It gives me great pleasure to announce what is definitely the most exciting launch of the year! JVZoo Academy was created by Sam Bakker, one of the greatest names in affiliate marketing. And in case you haven’t already heard, this is set to be a huge game changer in both the world of affiliate marketing and product creation. So if you are interested in learning the most effective ways of affiliate marketing, or you are interested in launching your own digital product, then this is something that you don’t want to miss.

Update: We are pleased to announce a very special JVZoo Academy launch discount and bonus. During the first week of launch you can not only get our special bonus, but you will also get a fantastic launch discount. Right now you can get access to the academy for as little as $17!

See below for details of our amazing bonus or follow the link to claim your discount and bonus offer…

JVZoo Academy Review – About JVZoo & Sam Bakker

JVZoo is one of the internet’s most trusted digital marketplaces. It’s the business place for many entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. Although many people have dreams of being successful online as either a product creator or affiliate marketer, very few actually become successful. JVZoo have recognized this problem and have enlisted the help of Sam Bakker in an attempt to create one of the best and most up to date training programs from both affiliates and product creators.

Sam Bakker is renown in online marketing as being extremely successful. Sam’s story is one that many of us would be able to relate to, going from extreme debt to being one of the most successful affiliate marketers online today. JVZoo Academy is a an entire training course aimed at delivering the very best, up to date methods to those people who need it most. Finally we see a company that have recognized the need for new and successful affiliate marketers and product creators. JVZoo Academy delivers both training systems in one amazing package. If you want to make money online, then this is something that you should definitely check out! Lets take a look inside JVZoo Academy…

JVZoo Academy review – Inside the Members Area

JVZoo academy teaches both affiliate marketing and digital product creation. The goal of the entire training course is designed to give you a view of the big picture. If you have tried and failed in the past to make money as an affiliate or product creator, then this is going to help you immensely. Unlike most training products on the market, JVZoo Academy is designed to help you succeed. JVZoo have realized that if they can help to develop more skilled product creators and affiliate marketers, then the more money they will make in return. This really is a win, win situation.

JVZoo Academy takes you from the basics of how JVZoo works and how you can get the best out of it, right up to promoting high end products and even creating your own.

JVZoo Academy Review – The Foundations For Success

Unlike many online training programs JVZoo Academy teaches you how to build a sustainable online business, rather than a get rich quick scheme. Building a solid foundation for your online business is a must and this is covered in great detail in the first sections of the academy.

Building your empire by selling your own digital products

Sam Bakker has had great success and has made millions of dollars as both an affiliate and product creator. Sam is well known for creating software applications that sell extremely well in the digital marketplace. JVZoo Academy gives you the chance to learn from one of the best product vendors online. Creating your own digital downloads can help to build a sustainable and extremely profitable online business. If this interests you, then don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn from the best.

Affiliate Marketing – The Foundation of your online business

Affiliate marketing can be a fantastic way to earn money online. However, there are many people that are misinformed, misled and scammed every day by systems that simply don’t work. Affiliate marketing can be really frustrating if you go about it the wrong way. JVZoo Academy will show you the methods that work right now and will continue to work into the future. Affiliate marketing is a powerful skill for your business, once you know the right way to go about it.

JVZoo Academy Review – Additional one time offer No.1

On top of the main training course, Sam offers a one time offer costing $97. The offer is a 60 day action plan designed to take you from the beginning to creating your first profitable online campaigns. Please note that there is currently a special offer being offered on the official site for this offer (click the link at the bottom of this page for details).

If you want to learn from one of the best, then additional offer number 2 will be for you. Although this offer is normally priced at $197, there is currently a discount offer running on the JVZoo Academy website. This offer takes you by the hand with 6 weeks of live training from Sam Bakker himself. If you are really serious about creating the best online business possible, then here you have a chance to be guided by one of the worlds best. This offer will keep you on track until you get results. Click the link at the bottom of this page for a discount on this offer.

JVZoo Academy Bonus

Right now we are very pleased to announce that you can also get a very special JVZoo Academy Bonus if you purchase the course through our special link at the bottom of this review. Take a look at whats included in our JVZoo Academy Bonus pack…

JVZoo Academy Bonus Images Included

As well as getting a great discount and everything in the JVZoo Academy bonus above, you also get access to hundreds of images that you can use within your promotions. JVZoo Academy will teach you how to create profitable affiliate campaigns, but having access to great graphics will save you a lot of time and money. This pack gives you access to more than 500 images for use within your campaigns.

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